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Tania Olivier

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"Grey Ghost"
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Grey Ghost
US$ 708

"Cooking with Wine II"
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Cooking with Wine II
US$ 305

"Free as a bird II"
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Free as a bird II
US$ 281

"Pot of Aloe Plants"
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Pot of Aloe Plants
US$ 1,710

"Italian Woman"
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Italian Woman
US$ 427

"Arum Lilies"
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Arum Lilies
US$ 391

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US$ 427

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US$ 403

"Cooking with Wine I"
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Cooking with Wine I
US$ 305

"Father and son"
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Father and son
US$ 2,076

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US$ 611

"Free as a bird I"
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Free as a bird I
US$ 281

"Add Cillies and Garlic"
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Add Cillies and Garlic
US$ 305

"The lonely Zebra"
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The lonely Zebra
US$ 818

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US$ 794

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US$ 1,099

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Tania Olivier

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About Tania

Tania Olivier

Tania is a full-time professional fine artist living and painting in Durbanville. She will describe herself as someone who lives and loves art, working with art and to apply the beauty of art in everything she does.

Tania has been a scholar of art since school through university all the way towards qualifying in graphic design. As a fine artist she has been exhibiting since 2005.

As a professional Tania has applied her skills in various fields where her creative talents and ability was best put to use:
[0x1] Graphic design and print
[0x1] Photography
[0x1] Art printing and producing functional art homeware
[0x1] Presenting art classes to both adults and children

Tania is a firm believer in right-brain development towards developing all-round creative skills in business and personal life.

Tania works mostly in oils and often takes on commissions. She loves to paint all of her loves - wine, fauna and flora and figures. Her works are expressionistic and semi-abstract.

The one recurring theme throughout all of her work is "Swallows", which is indicative of the person that she is and the wandering soul that is evident in all of her work.

Many of Tania's art has found warm homes all over Europe and the USA. She is currently spreading her wings further in this market and recently had her first solo international fine art exhibition by invitation in Utrecht (Holland) in January 2017.

Price Range

US$ 281-2,076



Bloemendal Wijnhuis - Duo with Karen Yssl - 2005
Hocus Interior Design - Group Exhibition - 2005
Lindy van Niekerk Gallery - Group Exhibition - 2005
Absolute Art Gallery - Group Exhibition - 2009
Rust-en-Vrede Gallery - Solo Exhibition - 2010
Charity Art Auction - 2011
Ancient Spririt (Riebeeck Kasteel) - Group Exhibition - 2011
I love my Laundry - Solo Exhibition - 2013
Charity Art Auction - Group Exhibition - 2015
Neethlingshof Wine Estate - Solo Exhibition - 2015
The Winelands Art Gallery - 2016
Artscape Theatre - Group exhibition - 2016
Solo Art Exhibition - Maarssen, Utrecht - 2017


Artist and Entrepreneur

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