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Anna Stone

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"Myoli Beach"
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Myoli Beach
US$ 2,069

"On the Couch"
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On the Couch
US$ 1,208

"Gericke's Point"
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Gericke's Point
US$ 347

"Maiden Africa (Triptych)"
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Maiden Africa (Triptych)
US$ 2,254

"Sunset on the Island"
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Sunset on the Island
US$ 239

"The View From My Window"
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The View From My Window
US$ 124

"Victoria Bay"
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Victoria Bay
US$ 259

"Blissfulness 1"
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Blissfulness 1
US$ 124

"Blissfulness 2"
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Blissfulness 2
US$ 135

"Blissfulness 3"
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Blissfulness 3
US$ 135

"Blissfulness 4"
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Blissfulness 4
US$ 135

"Blissfulness 5"
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Blissfulness 5
US$ 135

"Botanical Drawing on Kleinkrantz Beach 1"
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Botanical Drawing on Kleinkrantz Beach 1
US$ 124

"Botanical Drawing on Kleinkrantz Beach s"
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Botanical Drawing on Kleinkrantz Beach s
US$ 124

"On the Road to Hoekwil"
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On the Road to Hoekwil
US$ 775

"Amazone Warrior"
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Amazone Warrior
US$ 726

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Anna Stone

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About Anna

Anna Stone

My name is Anna Stone. I was born in Kuruman in the Kalahari in 1971. I went to Art school in Jhb. After school I went to Pta Technikon.
I received my National diploma and National Higher diploma in Fine Arts from 1990 till 1995.

To me the manner of how the pastel painting is executed is more important than the meaning. I'm interested in the Renaissance use of light and shadow. I'm inspired by Caravagio, Ingre, the Dutch painters and the Impressionists. I'm also inspired by Leonardo da Vince's studies of the human form. The medium I'm using dates from the late 17OO's. It's called pastel painting. It's powder pastel and gouache on fine canvas. Powder soft pastel can also be used on its own.

My art is about the calmness that is in oneself, that still need to be discovered. I'm using the human figure, portraits, landscapes and still-lifes as subject matter . The technique is ideal for draperies that was frequently used by the masters of the Renaissance. I want to convey the intensity of beauty in mysterious darkness and the duality and contrasts of life in general.

Price Range

US$ 90-5,175



Exhibiting since 2001.

1. The Cité in Paris, France (2 group exhibitions).
2. The Gallery at Duncan Yard (3 solo exhibitions and multiple 5+ group exhibitions).
3. The Bellpepper in Johannesburg (2 group exhibitions).
4. The Secret Gallery in Pretoria (1 group exhibition).
5. Platform on 18th (2 group exhibitions).
6. Art Association of Pretoria (5 group exhibitions).
7. Magpie in Pretoria (1 group exhibition).


National diploma and National Higher diploma in Fine Arts

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