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Emma Jacobs

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"Clarens Buttress"
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Clarens Buttress
US$ 258

"Protea Liebencherry"
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Protea Liebencherry
US$ 309

"A Trio of Geese"
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A Trio of Geese
US$ 286

"Ballet Boys"
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Ballet Boys
US$ 258

"A Shembe Zulu Man"
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A Shembe Zulu Man
US$ 644

"Oranges Not Lemons"
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Oranges Not Lemons
US$ 103

"Feeling Sheepish"
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Feeling Sheepish
US$ 215

"Clarens Cows"
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Clarens Cows
US$ 258

"Joy After Grief"
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Joy After Grief
US$ 215

"Contemplative Buck"
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Contemplative Buck
US$ 630

"Hluhluwe Elephant"
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Hluhluwe Elephant
US$ 859

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US$ 120

"Cape Protea"
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Cape Protea
US$ 143

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US$ 401

"Oxpecker on Zebra"
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Oxpecker on Zebra
US$ 95

"Chunky Watermelons"
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Chunky Watermelons
US$ 135

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Emma Jacobs

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About Emma

Emma Jacobs

Bold brushstrokes, vibrant colours, big canvasses and contemporary themes characterise my work. A cross-section of themes with personal favourites of Contemporary Portraits, Wildlife, Flowers and Landscapes. I am inspired by beautiful, striking images to work from. I am compelled to paint, and am amazed by the output and end result. People's reaction to my work propels me and I find it very exciting! The sale of my work is personal validation and I am excited that I have works in the UK, USA and South Africa. I live in Durban and we own two Bed & Breakfasts in this beautiful city.

My sister and I were sent to Art lessons from when we were small and I was fortunate enough to be taught by the amazing Nina Campbell-Quine at her Hyde Park Child Art Studio in the 80's. I attend Durban-Based workshops to learn and grow as an artist, and am the founder of Durban Art Workshops.

Price Range

US$ 95-859



Art Givers Exhibitions, Durban.
Art in the Shade, Mtunzini.
Solo Exhibition The Mall Gallery, Durban
Selected as Visual Artist for Hilton Arts Festival 2018


Bachelor of Arts; Postgraduate Diploma in Management (UCT)

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