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Glynda Bradford

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"The Bateleur"
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The Bateleur
US$ 547

"Dagga Bull"
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Dagga Bull
US$ 547

"Twilight at Himeville Dam"
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Twilight at Himeville Dam
US$ 306

"Lesotho Landscape With Shepherd"
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Lesotho Landscape With Shepherd
US$ 361

"Twelve Apostles to Sani Pass"
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Twelve Apostles to Sani Pass
US$ 263

"Basotho Man Playing Instrument"
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Basotho Man Playing Instrument
US$ 241

"Lion on Rocks at River"
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Lion on Rocks at River
US$ 153

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US$ 317

"Lion in Umfolozi"
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Lion in Umfolozi
US$ 131

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US$ 79

"Peace at the Pond"
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Peace at the Pond
US$ 73

"Awaiting the Storm"
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Awaiting the Storm
US$ 525

"Gemsbok in Dust Storm"
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Gemsbok in Dust Storm
US$ 197

"Look Into My Eyes"
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Look Into My Eyes
US$ 164

"Zebra in Namibia"
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Zebra in Namibia
US$ 153

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US$ 197

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Glynda Bradford

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About Glynda

Glynda Bradford

Having had the privilege of living in Underberg in the Southern Drakensberg for over 30 years, I have been surrounded by God's insurmountable splendour. I do not take for granted that I am able to watch storms drift effortlessly across the mountains or that I can see clouds building up into an explosion of electricity. Weather patterns churn and rotate around me whilst colours erupt in time ever changing.

What quietens my soul is to look into the eyes of a wild animal standing proudly in it's natural environment. To see it's beauty before me and to know that the wildness within it has not been tampered with by man, is a privilege that I carry deep within me. I would so love to reach out and touch the softness of a young, wild animal or rest my head against the greatness and wisdom of a mature beast. To wrap my arms around just one and shed tears for the pain man has caused these gentle souls. As I am unable to reverse the immense damage that man has inflicted on these wonderful creatures, I choose instead to capture a moment in time with a humble brushstroke and a dash of colour.

I believe that my years ahead will be a joy-filled path to travel, capturing a dream, and I invite you to accompany me on my journey.

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US$ 73-646





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