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Mario Pelser

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"On the Easel"
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On the Easel
US$ 10,258

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Mario Pelser

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About Mario

Mario Pelser

My first priority in my career as a visual artist, was and always will be, creating something unique, no one else did before.

A question I'm always asking myself is, "what if"...What if I put this here, or what if I put light here.

This question became my basis of all my work, but also of my life.

If someone invests in my artwork they must feel a connection with my art. Over the years I've been amazed how many people could relate with my art. Either reminding them of something familiar, or awake something deeper within themselves, especially when provoking something new inside them.

My niche is wildlife and landscape art, though I do dabble with other projects sometimes, if so inspired.

To me it is very important, my collectors and investors are beyond satisfied. They must fall in love with my artwork and it must be a source of inspiration to them. They get a peek into my soul if you will...

I was blessed and got the perfect brake when I started my career in 1994. My connections with tourists and professional hunters gave me the perfect platform for my niche.

I must confess I am not one for the limelight and never liked doing exhibits and least of all, take part in competitions. Yes, early in my career I did do a little exhibit here and there, but never truly liked it.

I compete with myself and no other. I push myself to become better at what I do.

Consciously I also deciding early on in my career, not to get involved with galleries again, based on mostly bad experiences. Either my work got stolen or damaged and all they could say was sorry. Most galleries of today is not what they used to be before the 1980's. I can write a whole article on this subject...I think I will.

I was truly fortunate mostly to have sold my work by word of mouth alone.

My career was unbelievable for the most part, but in 2012 I went through some devastating personal experiences in my life and my career was abruptly halted because of it. So for the next 3 to 4 years I could not get myself to pick up a brush again. That was even more devastating as this was my passion.

I then began teaching art but did not paint again. There was no challenge for me anymore.

Later, as things became normal in my life again, I suddenly felt the urge to paint again.

Now I must confess, I was asked so many times by some of my students and some collectors, to make more use of the internet and share all my work and knowledge. My coaching style was different and unique from others and my students found it very valuable. Therefore given the climate of today, I decided to start this website so more collectors can see my artwork. I love to teach, so I might help some new artist start his or her own career and be successful at it.

I do not want to give you the usual, I grew up there and this is how I became an artist, etc. To talk about myself is boring...

But here are some facts you might like to know;

My two greatest inspirations was growing up on a farm surrounded by the bush itself and secondly by a man called Rembrandt Harmenszoon Van Rijn. Yes, Rembrandt, with his magical textures and mystery he created with a brush.

For the first time at age 9, I saw two of his paintings. A portrait of Johannes Wtenbogaert he did in 1633 and a self portrait at age 63. The emotion in their eyes and faces spoke to me as a child. It left a lasting impression, though I knew nothing about art back then. I was completely fascinated and intrigued by it as a child...

They did not write 3 volumes with 500 pages about his work for nothing. They called him a magician for a reason...Rembrandt was a master playing with darkness, light and texture.

So in my own paintings you will always see texture, giving the paintings much more depth and it seems as if you can reach out and touch the "subject" itself when standing in front of them.

When I'm asked what subjects I'm painting I always say, I do not paint things. I paint and play with light and darkness to create a dance between the two, no matter the subject. There must be drama and movement also.

I think it all boils down to one of my mottoes in life: "We chase perfection though perfection is not attainable. But by chasing perfection, we can catch excellence"

Price Range

US$ 10,258-10,258


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