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Sonja Nel

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"Sunflower Picker at Somerbosch"
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Sunflower Picker at Somerbosch
US$ 355

"Abstract Stillife"
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Abstract Stillife
US$ 328

"The Green Chair"
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The Green Chair
US$ 830

"Houses Among The Trees"
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Houses Among The Trees
US$ 241

"Red Flowers"
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Red Flowers
US$ 285

"Girl Holding A Dove"
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Girl Holding A Dove
US$ 178

"Flowers And Small Bowl After Irma Stern"
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Flowers And Small Bowl After Irma Stern
US$ 274

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US$ 263

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US$ 263

"At the Marketplace"
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At the Marketplace
US$ 788

"Bird of Paradise"
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Bird of Paradise
US$ 443

"Old Nectar"
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Old Nectar
US$ 985

"Fisherwoman Waiting At Night"
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Fisherwoman Waiting At Night
US$ 164

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US$ 442

"Pamos Women"
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Pamos Women
US$ 443

"Young Girl With Bird"
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Young Girl With Bird
US$ 109

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Sonja Nel

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About Sonja

Having been a child Art teacher for many years, I am inspired by the simplistic expression of colour, emotion and shape of child art. Colour motivates me most. I want to bring joy to homes of investors, by sharing my view of everyday life, people and places in a simple yet expressive way. Hennie Niemann's works inspires me as mentor and teacher

Price Range

US$ 79-1,642



2015, Gallery 91, Somerset West, Cape Town


BA Degree, HDE Art

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