Arum Lilies in monochrome Sepia 1 and 2 Arum Lilies in monochrome Sepia 1 and 2 Affordable Art 105030
Susan Dennis - Arum Lilies in monochrome Sepia 1 and 2 | Still Life Original Art
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Susan Dennis - "Arum Lilies in monochrome Sepia 1 and 2"

"Arum Lilies in monochrome Sepia 1 and 2"

Arum Lilies in monochrome Sepia 1 and 2
Watercolor, US$ 90

Arum Lilies in monochrome Sepia 1 and 2

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Watercolour on 300g paper mounted and framed in wood frame

W: 160mm x H: 250mm
W: 6" x H: 10"

Approx. Weight: 2kg

This work is framed (but can be supplied either framed or unframed)


US$ 90


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JSD 005 ; 006

About "Arum Lilies in monochrome Sepia 1 and 2"

Arum Lilies in monochrome Sepia 1 and 2 sell as a set. They are in watercolour on 300g paper and both of the size as mentioned above. They are mounted and framed as two separate paintings in 30 mm handmade wooden frames with total size 340 x 430 and the frames are coloured in antique oak.

Susan Dennis

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About Susan

Susan Dennis

After 30 years as a teacher (Foundation Phase), I embrace the opportunity to further develop my passion for the fine arts. I attended a two year training with one of the better watercolor artists in South Africa. Watercolour with it's unpredictable and surprising outcomes is my favorite medium. Watercolour is fascinating because of it's unpredictability. The medium cannot be manipulated by the artist and the lively medium produces a surprising outcome. Watercolour with it's particularly clear and transparent character is a very clean medium to work with. Although watercolour is my favorite medium I also work with Acrylic medium on a small scale.

My work is very defined and a true image of the chosen composition. I found street scenes fascinating and like to paint European street scenes, but I also "travel" through my country with my brush and pallet. I like painting landscape scenes of my heimat, the Eastern Free State.

Through my artist's eye I get very close to my Maker. I am humble before Him, who in His almighty wisdom created all the wonders. The bare angle of incidence of a light ray on my coffee mug unlatches the laws of nature. With humbleness I share my fine art work and are always aware of art as a special gift.

Price Range

US$ 64-90



Ten Years at the Free State Art Festival in Bloemfontein RSA

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