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Anna-Kirsten - Fragile Mass | Animals & Wildlife Art Art Painting
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Anna-Kirsten - "Fragile Mass"

"Fragile Mass"

Fragile Mass
Charcoal, US$ 3,094

Fragile Mass

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W: 1800mm x H: 2800mm x D: 20mm
W: 71" x H: 110" x D: 1"

Approx. Weight: 8kg

This work is unframed


US$ 3,094


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About "Fragile Mass"

It will make a beautiful, tranquil centrepiece to your lodge or home.

I made this artwork while I was exhibiting in Holland. Living in Nelspruit, South Africa, I am surrounded by and feel inspired by nature every day. In Holland I felt removed from nature. I was far from home and staying in a place where my surroundings were built by people for people. Life in a man-made world made me long for and appreciate the bush more.

Rhinos have become a symbol of the fragility of our wild, African environment. The idea of losing the rhinos that I have been privileged to see when I visit the Kruger National Park or other game reserves made me sad. It is tragic to them without their horns just to protect their life. I grew much more concerned with the idea of losing such an incredible creature and made this art piece to celebrate these creatures while they are still with us.

The art is a large charcoal drawing. I aimed to express the beauty of this majestic, strong creature, so solid in its appearance and yet so fragile as it is being murdered to extinction. A creature with a gentle nature that sleeps under the same skies as us and lives its life like any of us do on this planet we call our home. With this large drawing I intended to portray a feeling of love and intimacy towards these rhinos and all of the fragility of nature


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About Anna-Kirsten


My fascination and affinity goes out to the natural world. I marvel about existence and the mysterious role that every living and non-living thing plays in our universe. Experiencing the delicate interconnectedness of existence and its biodiversity on earth has led me to wonder more into the metaphysical realms. Exploring the transient nature of being and the nature of 'nature': considering life and death as part of a cycle, as well as an eternal coming and going.

I am a multi-disciplinary artist, I internalise and capture the essence of a place, creature or the forever changing landscape. I use different mediums to create my artworks like painting, drawing, film, photography, sculpture and installation.

With my art I hope to ripple a positive impulse and awaken a compassionate attitude in people towards the natural world.

Anna Kirsten; Born in Holland 1989, currently living in South Africa.

Eco-Training, SA (Professional Field Guiding Course) 2014-2015
Academie Minerva Groningen, NL (Fine Arts) 2008-2012
Penryn College, SA (Matriculated 2007)

Price Range

US$ 67-3,094



"Chicken Challenge" supporting the cause 'Hands at Work' exhibition, South Africa. 2019 (group)

"Ubundance" group exhibition, White River Art Gallery, South Africa. 2018

"As it Was" group exhibition, White River Art Gallery, South Africa. 2018

"N/om - impressions of the invisible that ties us together" Duo Exhibition in collaboration with artist Koos Buist in Sign+ Gallery, Holland. 2017

"Chicken Challenge" supporting the cause 'GRIP' exhibition, South Africa. 2016 (group)

Grensloos Kunst Verkennen, Ijhorst Holland. 2014 (group)

Open Atelier Exhibition "Last but not least", Groningen Holland. 2014 (group)

Gemeentehuis Emmeloord expo, Emmeloord Holland (paintings in collaboration Mark Bakker). 2014

Wall Painting in collaboration with Mark Bakker at "GYM" exhibition "Miami Vice", Groningen Holland. 2013

Festival der Aa, Drenthe Holland. 2013 (interactive art-work in collaboration with Elzo Oterdoom)

Stomerij Gallery, Groningen Holland. (group)

Solo Exhibition at Stoep, Nelspruit South Africa. 2013

Graduation show Academie Minerva, Groningen Holland. 2012 (group)

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