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Madeleine van der Walt - Half Man | Contemporary Art Fine Art
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Madeleine van der Walt - "Half Man"

"Half Man"

Half Man
Pencil, US$ 277

Half Man

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Brown Aquarelle Pencil & Graphite Pencil on Fabriano Paper

W: 175mm x H: 280mm
W: 7" x H: 11"

Approx. Weight: 1.5kg

This work is framed (but can be supplied either framed or unframed)


US$ 277


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Half Man

Madeleine van der Walt

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About Madeleine

Madeleine van der Walt

I remember the first time, as a teenager, picking up a pencil and drawing my first ever 'serious' drawings. I was always a person who had a lot of questions about the world and life and people and the psyche of man and lived out these emotions and searching for truth and trying to make sense of the world and people around me through my art and writing poetry.
Today, the questions may be less, but the awareness of a broken and scrambled world around me is very much present. And off course, there is tremendous beauty as well, in being human and being able to share yourself and what you are feeling in a variety of ways with those around you.
I have to admit - I tend to cling to my art, and find it difficult to sell some pieces, because of the emotional meaning they have for me. Over the years I have done paintings on commission, which are MUCH easier to part with!
Nonetheless, there is a freedom and a thrill to a random person wanting to purchase one of my works, it tells me that they may feel that specific 'something' when looking at a specific work, maybe it is that specific emotion you felt while you were busy creating the work, or maybe it is something else entirely. As long as it awakes something, inspires or just brings joy, or thought.
I love different styles and I am probably the biggest fan of ALL the art-styles and genres there have been and that is currently in the world. I love the variety of ways in which one can approach art. Also the fact that one can create a work of art with 2 colours OR a gazillion colours, each with its own amazing impact or message. I love that.
As a freelance graphic designer, and being a perfectionist by nature, I tend to be a bit on the precise and disciplined side when it comes to my art, but here and there I have managed to spread my wings and mock myself to freedom in experimenting with a more chilled and spontaneous approach.
I have to say though - I hardly ever 'plan' a work of art. It develops itself in the event, together with thoughts and feelings - I hardly ever know beforehand what the end-result will be. And I am always excited about what the SURPRISE will be in the end. That is what I love about art. There are no rules, no restrictions, only freedom to express whatever you need to express, without limitations.
I am particularly fond of working with pencil and oils, and apart from the smell of coffee, there is nothing that excites me more than that smell of oil paint that hangs around in the air of the studio.

Price Range

US$ 277-540



• Alette Wessels Kunskamer Group Exhibition - My Mythology & Utopia
• Tina Skukan Gallery Group Exhibition


National Diploma - Graphic Design

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