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Hugh Byrne - Hex B06 Series | Landscape Art World Art
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Hugh Byrne - "Hex B06 Series"

"Hex B06 Series"

Hex B06 Series
Mixed Media, US$ 574

Hex B06 Series

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Mixed Media

W: 650mm x H: 650mm x D: 45mm
W: 26" x H: 26" x D: 2"

This work is framed (but can be supplied either framed or unframed)


US$ 574


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About "Hex B06 Series"

Hugh Byrne’s current work is a series of hard-hitting, vibrantly coloured paintings done with mixed media. He breaks down the lines of the buildings, shadows, roads and other geometric shapes within the city and by doing so finds new forms, shapes and the relationships between them.
By taking these discovered forms and colouring them with bright contrasting hues he is able to place emphasis upon certain elements and in doing so give the viewer a glimpse into a different environment in which he/she walks through and interacts everyday.

Hugh Byrne

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About Hugh

I have been living in Cape Town for the past years and have been largely inspired by the city.

By connecting lines, paths and selecting shapes and blocks of colour I am able to simplify and breakdown the chaotic mess within the cityscape. I find beauty in the colours and shapes which rises from the layered landscape. I find the best way to represent my vision of the city is by using flat blocks of colour and organizing them in such a way that they compliment each other.

Price Range

US$ 574-1,149



Abstraction in Colour,- Berry Café, Pretoria 2006
Discovered City – Taipei 2010
Shedding Skins – ELE Gallery, Cape Town, May 2012
Expression Sunset – Salon 91, Cape Town 2012
Industrial Abstractions – The Factory, Durban 2012
I’d Rather Be Swimming – Salon 91 Cape Town 2012/2013
Conditions – White River Gallery, Nelspruit 2012
First/Thursday – New Heritage Gallery Cape Town 2012.
Youngblood Gallery, Cape Town 2013
One in a million – Salon 91 Cape Town 2013
The Editions Show – Salon 91 Cape Town 2013
Haas Gallery New Works – Haas Gallery Cape Town 2013
Youngblood Gallery, Cape Town 2014


BA Fine Arts (FA)

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