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Tony Luza - "African Talkative "

"African Talkative "

African Talkative
Oil on Board, US$ 1,061

African Talkative

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Oil on Board
Oil Paint on Canvas and Foil

W: 800mm x H: 700mm
W: 31" x H: 28"

This work is unframed


US$ 1,061


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About "African Talkative "

Numbering about 250,000 the Kuba live in the area of central DRC bordered by the Sankuru, Kasai, and Lulua rivers. This is a region of valleys where numerous rivers flow south to north; the hills are covered with brush and the rivers are bordered by forests. Farming, aside from clearing the fields, was women's work; they cultivate manioc, corn, gourds, bananas, pineapples, and palms. Tobacco was grown by the men. The hunt, a collective enterprise using nets, brought prestige and reinforced the social cohesion between the villagers. To fish the rivers required the participation of the entire village in order to build canoes. Although today most Kuba ethnic groups are organized into independent chiefdoms, they still recognize the authority of the Bushong king

Tony Luza

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About Tony

Tony Luza

Am the best known for my colour and mask installations, Graphic design and paintings which i intricately embroiders with Mask or images that speak to aspects African women's Beauty, desire and happiness-often in ways that subtly expose the contradictions inherent in religious and feminist forms of extremism. The very act of stitching cloth reflects the artists play with popular understandings about feminine beauty, gender stereotypes and empowerment.

Price Range

US$ 471-2,121



Many times exhibitions at Inter Continental of Kinshasa, at ABC (Alliance Belgo Congolaise) Unity Gallery Johannesburg and actually a member of The Artist Under the Sun Johannesburg


Graduated in Painting and Graphic Design

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