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Anna-Kirsten - Liberation (blue) | Contemporary Art Art Painting
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Anna-Kirsten - "Liberation (blue) "

"Liberation (blue) "

Liberation (blue)
Etching, US$ 172

Liberation (blue)

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Drypoint and Aquatint. edition of 25(EV) on 285g Fabriano Paper

W: 310mm x H: 400mm
W: 12" x H: 16"

Approx. Weight: 0.1kg

This work is unframed


US$ 172


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About "Liberation (blue) "

A little while ago I made a drawing using ink in my sketch-book;

Two ladders, a black and a white one, intertwined keeping each other upright.
The ladders are standing in the sea near the shore; the waves are strong and crashing into them.
Above is the Milky Way, an infinite sky beyond, beyond our understanding.

This drawing evolved from a series of conversations I had been having with friends, family and random encounters. There is conflict in this world, seeking virtue but of one's own interest...
How can we grow and uplift one another?
To learn to be grateful and tap into the realm of wonder and wisdom rather than greed and scepticism.
We can allow ourselves to take some time to listen and be heard, show empathy, respect, and understanding and receive the same. We are in this physical world to change, and many of us need healing. Ubuntu.

The story of my friend and the struggles she has faced having an interracial relationship in South Africa. What her family thinks of them, what his family thinks of them, what friends think of them, how in public places people respond to them holding hands. It appears that there is still a lot of criticism, generalization and biased emotions involved towards the notion of racial division. Like a well established divided mind-set within a mixed society. And that is all it is, a state of mind and how we choose to see the world and our co-existence. "Scientifically it is accepted as obvious that there are subdivisions of the human species, but it is also clear that the genetic variation between individuals of the same race can be as great as that between members of different races." If you look into the bigger spectrum of things and free your mind you might see how we are all part of one big happening! Exploiting one another by judgement of physical differences is out-dated. Set yourself free!

Besides, is it not up to the couple's own discretion to decide whether they are happy together or not.

When I am confronted with such issues I remind my self of how little we actually know, how we are temporary manifestations walking around on a planet in this infinite cosmos, experiencing stuff, isn't that wonderful!

The ladders symbolize the balance between opposites; love-hate, fear-joy, black-white, wright-wrong, good-evil... something that we as humans experience and rely on to make choices...
But in its true essence what can we really know? And do these compartments that we create in our minds and use to classify for our selves really exist? (This is visualized by the more fluid and abstract character surrounding the ladders in the artwork).
Why do societies create the impression that we are all separate from each other and from Nature?
I always experience so much sadness and damage in separation apposed to kindness and growth in meeting.

The ocean; water is something that streams through us all; every living and non-living thing, it connects us. Let the love be an endless flow like water flows around the planet earth.

The Milky Way is the mystery, a reflection of what we are.
This reminds me of my three-year-old niece; one day she was making us repeat the words "I am star!" Later I thought to myself, that she is right, we are all made out of stardust. The stars are a reflection of what we are, and those we used to know, perhaps that is why we all share a special affinity with looking up at the stars, the great godly nought.

This artwork is about paradoxes; learning to understand and free our selves from being too quick to judge, climb the ladder to look beyond the walls that we set in our minds and grow.
To embrace being alive fully and respect that of others and all kinds of life, for as long as we can experience and be in awe.

To nurture love;
"With our love we can save the world,
Try to realize it is all within our-selves no one else can make you change,
to see that we are all only really small and life goes on within you and with out you".
- George Harrison


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About Anna-Kirsten


My fascination and affinity goes out to the natural world. I marvel about existence and the mysterious role that every living and non-living thing plays in our universe. Experiencing the delicate interconnectedness of existence and its biodiversity on earth has led me to wonder more into the metaphysical realms. Exploring the transient nature of being and the nature of 'nature': considering life and death as part of a cycle, as well as an eternal coming and going.

I am a multi-disciplinary artist, I internalise and capture the essence of a place, creature or the forever changing landscape. I use different mediums to create my artworks like painting, drawing, film, photography, sculpture and installation.

With my art I hope to ripple a positive impulse and awaken a compassionate attitude in people towards the natural world.

Anna Kirsten; Born in Holland 1989, currently living in South Africa.

Eco-Training, SA (Professional Field Guiding Course) 2014-2015
Academie Minerva Groningen, NL (Fine Arts) 2008-2012
Penryn College, SA (Matriculated 2007)

Price Range

US$ 68-3,211



"Chicken Challenge" supporting the cause 'Hands at Work' exhibition, South Africa. 2019 (group)

"Ubundance" group exhibition, White River Art Gallery, South Africa. 2018

"As it Was" group exhibition, White River Art Gallery, South Africa. 2018

"N/om - impressions of the invisible that ties us together" Duo Exhibition in collaboration with artist Koos Buist in Sign+ Gallery, Holland. 2017

"Chicken Challenge" supporting the cause 'GRIP' exhibition, South Africa. 2016 (group)

Grensloos Kunst Verkennen, Ijhorst Holland. 2014 (group)

Open Atelier Exhibition "Last but not least", Groningen Holland. 2014 (group)

Gemeentehuis Emmeloord expo, Emmeloord Holland (paintings in collaboration Mark Bakker). 2014

Wall Painting in collaboration with Mark Bakker at "GYM" exhibition "Miami Vice", Groningen Holland. 2013

Festival der Aa, Drenthe Holland. 2013 (interactive art-work in collaboration with Elzo Oterdoom)

Stomerij Gallery, Groningen Holland. (group)

Solo Exhibition at Stoep, Nelspruit South Africa. 2013

Graduation show Academie Minerva, Groningen Holland. 2012 (group)

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