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Natasha Gericke - Oh So Devilish | Naïve Art Original Art
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Natasha Gericke - "Oh So Devilish"

"Oh So Devilish"

Oh So Devilish
Wood, US$ 269

Oh So Devilish

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Pyrography on Patched Pinewood

W: 370mm x H: 800mm x D: 20mm
W: 15" x H: 31" x D: 1"

Approx. Weight: 3kg

This work is unframed


US$ 269


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About "Oh So Devilish"

All humans have a Oh So Devilish side which rears its head from time to time and many of us wonder what this side would look like if it had a shape and a face. To me this 'portrait' feels wicked, confident devious and alluring. Not only is it visually pleasing and mysterious, but it is made to be touched. I burned the wood using a dot technique which gives it an interesting texture, the art can thus be felt.

The wood used is a combination of pinewood pressed together, this makes for the unusual patterns in the wood, it gives it a patch-look effect. This adds to the reality that underneath our devilish side we are more complex than even we ourselves can imagine, we are a series of patterns pressed together and at different times our different patches show.

Natasha Gericke

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About Natasha

Natasha Gericke

My disposition and the disposition of those around me on any given day inspires my art. I also tend to look for the beauty and magic in the world around me and if I see a flicker of it I try to capture it through my Pyrography.

I love working with wood, Pyrography is my passion and burning an image into wood to me is not just about the visual appeal, it is also about the texture and the aroma. Pyrography is an art form for the senses and it is made to be enjoyed as such.

I donate and try to get involved with and assist organizations that support our world and it's animal souls where and whenever I can. I love animals and nature and I also enjoy capturing this passion in my art. I believe that captured in a painting or via an image burned into wood or sculpted with clay is the only form in which a wild animal should be displayed in a home.

Price Range

US$ 197-325


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