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Jes Ireland

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"The Contrast"

The Contrast

"Small Beginnings"

Small Beginnings



"Find me in the river"

Find me in the river

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Jes Ireland

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About Jes

Jes Ireland

Jes is an Artist with based in South Africa.

I have grown up with a very diverse family. Each of us is artistic or creative in some way. I have always been a very visual and imaginative person. This combination led me to pursue art as a hobby. While at school I truly learnt to love art and it was then that I started to consider it as more than just a hobby.

At twenty three years old, I have had no formal art training and am still very new to the art scene. I took two art subjects at school which included fine art and design. I was very fortunate to have three art teachers during this time. Since we are all different, I learnt different things from each of them.

Style, technique, materials

I am a perfectionist and thus my style has developed to portray that. I work in a lot of detail and believe that even the smallest detail can make a big difference to the overall outcome. Most of my paintings have a very smooth and refined finish.

I work mainly with oil on canvas but also enjoy other mediums such as pitt pastel, charcoal and pencil.

Subject matter

I really enjoy doing portraits and thus mostly focus on painting people. I also love glass. While most people feel intimidated by reflective objects, I find great joy in looking for the fine details in the reflections.


I love creating something from nothing and find inspiration in anything and everything. Whether it is a movie, a book or the world around me, there are no limits.

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"The Meeting of Two Styles"
23 May 2011

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