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Johannes du Plessis

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"Tribute to Moore"

Tribute to Moore
US$ 6,363

"Large art deco head"

Large art deco head
US$ 3,915

"Bronze head"

Bronze head
US$ 2,937


US$ 4,568


US$ 6,526

"Bronze Head on Crystal Base"

Bronze Head on Crystal Base
US$ 2,937

"Europa and the Bull"

Europa and the Bull
US$ 3,263


US$ 5,221

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Johannes du Plessis

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About Johannes

Johannes du Plessis

1. To view my artwork is to experience the idea of space. To imagine something and to form a particular sort of mental representation of that thing. Imagining is typically distinguished from mental states such as perceiving,remembering and believing. Therefore the figuration of recognisable objects/shapes
you can find in all my work.

2. To come to a style is merely a tool, meant to facilitate the expression
of an idea; therefore most artists’ work will not fit nearly into any specific category.
A style is a tool, not a label. I utilize my Expressionistic style as a tool to achieve my goal. Every collection of artworks that I create might differ from the previous year.
The reason for that is, to search for the ultimate challenge, a playground of fulfillment.

3. I collect subconsciously the wide variety of visual stimuli around us every day, in advertisements and media, our relationships and experiences, objects, nature and architecture and people, to mention a few. All these can offer artistic references.

4. Within my work you will find all sorts of elements, faces and figuration. With my spontaneous artistic approach on the canvas, I stimulate and evoke the viewer’s senses so that he/she could discover what ever he likes to perceive.
I describe my new creations as infinite, therefore the endlessness that borderline the work.

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During his school education.1969 - 1971, private sculpting tuition

by Maureen Quin (sculptress)

1974 - Studied at Potchefstroom University (HNOD FINE ARTS)

1975 - 1979 Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University, art & design,

gaining a Higher National Diploma with distinction in fine Arts (sculpture and drawing)

under Phil Kolbe and Hillary Graham.

1988 - Full time Artist - Sculpture/painting

1990 - 1991 traveled USA for 6 weeks visiting museums and galleries.

Exhibitions S.A. 1982 - 2013.

International Exhibitions 1994 - 2007

June/July 1997 - Traveled Europe for 6 weeks, visiting Documenta X

in Kassel Germany and Museums, Switzerland, Paris, London, Amsterdam, Berlin.

Private Commissions - Sculpture and Private Commissions - Painting.

(Curriculum Vitae)

Private Collectors all over the world.


HND fine arts,(Sculpture and drawing)

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