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Sancho de Freitas Harker - "Saving my manhood"

"Saving my manhood"

Saving my manhood
Mixed Media, US$ 131

Saving my manhood

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Mixed Media

W: 220mm x H: 340mm x D: 1mm
W: 9" x H: 13" x D:

Approx. Weight: 0.1kg

This work is unframed




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(with the artist)



About "Saving my manhood"

This image shows how masculinity in all its forms are what protects males from not being deemed male-enough by society...

Sancho de Freitas Harker

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About Sancho de Freitas

Sancho de Freitas Harker

I am an ex-Cape-Town based artist (now in London) who specialises in Pencil and Pencil and Acrylic Mixed-media pieces.

I attended Rondebosch Boys' High School and Matriculated with Distinction in 2004, my strongest points being Art and Computers. I then attended the University of Cape Town for two years doing a quad-Major in Conputer Science, Chemistry, Maths and Physics.. Needless to say I was completely run-down after two years of exhaustive studying and extra-curricular activities (I also practice Traditional Shaolin Kungfu, Piano [Beethoven Sonatas Mostly], and managed to spend time with friends somehow).

I then decided to rather follow my other passion and managed to save up and borrow enough money to attend the Ruth Prowse School of Art. I learnt a lot about Art itself that year, and they definitely opened my mind up to some things, but I felt they weren't really trying to help my style - they were trying to give me a New one. I could not afford another year after the first year and I went to work as an Advertising Manager/ I.T. Person for a local Estate Agency. This was both a good and bad idea. I really had no idea what kind of Hell I was in for at that place. I left and have been working for my self ever since.

Around 2006 I started going back to Rondebosch Boys' High School working as an 'Artist in Commission' to teach the students the things about drawing and observation that I wish I had been opened up to while I was at School, and I have been going back every year since then and giving my critiques and input to the students.

I was diagnosed with an Advanced case of Primary Raynaud's Phenomenon in 2010, and will have it for life or until they find a cure. Some days I am fine, others I cannot type, Others I cannot drive a car because my feet are in such pain.. but I still manage to maintain a positive attitude :)

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Ruth Prowse School of Art (2007)

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