The Luring Charm of the Local Lorele The Luring Charm of the Local Lorele Affordable Art 59563
Tarryn Gordon - The Luring Charm of the Local Lorele | Landscape Art Fine Art
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Tarryn Gordon - "The Luring Charm of the Local Lorele"

"The Luring Charm of the Local Lorele"

The Luring Charm of the Local Lorele
Other, US$ 1,202

The Luring Charm of the Local Lorele

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W: 2378mm x H: 1682mm x D: 40mm
W: 94" x H: 66" x D: 2"

This work is unframed


US$ 1,202


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About "The Luring Charm of the Local Lorele"

The luring Charm of the local Lorelei

Many tales I’ve been told
of sailors having died
After seeing a mermaid known as

Faithless lover that is me
and she siren of the sea

by Eagle Eye Cherry

About the Art

The body of work is comprised of oil paintings and photographs. Artworks signed by the name of tartim are a combination of both forms. The excellent uses of colour and compositions have been formed entirely by the artist’s and every artwork is one of kind.
When looking at this body of work a few words come to mind.
Mystical, Fantasy vs. reality, Beautiful, Inspiring, meaning and Love…..Knysna
9 of the works are completed but more works are in the process of being done. The selected works will most likely be Framed before the exhibition

A common interest emerged; although they both felt stuck in limbo in the small town of Knysna, waiting for the recession easy off, they loved and felt inspired by the people and the place they live in. The people (some are knysna hippies) have a way of escaping from reality, living bare foot and by the tide, but fulling life with happiness.
For Artists the recession has brought back the focus to the art itself. If you have talent it will manifest and you will find the support. What truly provides satisfaction is having meaning and purpose in life, which is doubly important in the midst of this current economic nightmare.

Each work is inspired by a local story/legend, a love song or poem.

Tarryn Gordon

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About Tarryn

Tarryn Gordon

Tarryn Gordon’s artistic talent started from an early age. She has amazing skills working with a very wide range of artistic style, medium and technique, depending on the project at hand.Such examples are airbrushing, oil painting, drawing/illustration and new media.
A Professional self motivated Artist.
Tarryn has dedicated her life to inspiring people to live a happier, more meaningful and fulfilling life though the medium of Art. An idenifled talent acquainted with methodological processes, historical contexts and theoretical frameworks that underpin the broad subject area of Art. With a good grasp on how art in all it forms are exhibited, interpreted and promoted.

Price Range

US$ 240-1,202



The Knysna Art Studio and Galley:
A Fine Art Studio and Gallery, that focuses on original and inspiring works of art around South Africa and abroad. As well as the more accomplished artists we also identify new talent and help support their thinking process and concepts. With a good understanding of professional exhibitions our gallery is sure to meet the artist’s needs. Not only are there works of art, we also offer a framing service to create a finished piece of art.


Fine Art Graduate The Ruth Prowse school of Art, Ca

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