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Christina Engela - "Drop Ship"

"Drop Ship"

Drop Ship
photography, US$89

Drop Ship

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W: 594mm x H: 420mm
W: 23" x H: 17"

This work is unframed





(with the artist)

About "Drop Ship"

An Oryx helicopter of the SAAF hovers as it prepares to drop elite marine troops to the deck of a ship during Exercise Shared Accord in Algoa Bay, 2011.

Christina Engela

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About Christina

Christina  Engela

Christina is an Artist with based in South Africa.

I like taking pictures of the unusual, things that inspire those "what?" moments, and things that inspire deep thoughts.

I take inspiration from people, nature and technology. I take pictures of a wide variety of subjects, including machinery, vehicles, military and historical subjects. I hope to convey a message of "there's more in this picture than just meets the eye", because there always is.

Whatever is in a picture has to have a past, or a story before the picture was taken. What was it? How did it get there? Who made it?How did it get to be this way? What does the future hold for it? Will it still look the same in a year? Ten years? A hundred?

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