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African Rhapsody
Andries (The Stonemason)
blue crane
Bushman Portrait
Deserted Beach No. 3 of 31
Desolate Desert No. 2 of 35
Dragon Peaks Squall No. 4 of 32
Drinking Elephant
Egrets of the Umfolozi No. 5 of 35
Great Spirits Unconditional Love
Into the Namib No. 4 of 35
Jatan The Lion King
Last glimpse No. 6 of 30
Last Glimpse No. 7 of 30
Lost scenes Lake Kariba No. 5 of 33
Lost Scenes Lake Kariba No. 6 of 33
Lure of the lakeshore No. 8 of 30
Lure of the Lakeshore No. 9 of 30
Nomads of the north No.10 of 30
Nomads of the north No.11 of 30
One King Protea, Lace Detail
One King Protea, Lace Detail
Pin Protea, National Flower s.A.
Pink Protea, SA National Flower, Lace Detail
Protea with lace detail
Rivals of the river No. 5 of 30
Rivals of the River No. 6 of 30
Sea Rescue
Solitary Sentry No. 13 of 30
The Age
The Blue Crane
The great thirst No. 5 of 35
The great thirst No. 6 of 35
The luxury of a kill No. 6 of 33
The Luxury of a Kill No. 7 of 33
The pivot of power No. 3 of 30
The Pivot of Power No. 4 of 30
The Plains of Passage No. 10 of 34
The plains of passage No. 9 of 34
The Right of Territory No. 7 of 35
The Source of Survival No. 4 of 35
The Survival Line No. 2 of 33
Waterbuck wanderers No. 2 of 35
Waterbuck Wanderers No. 3 of 35

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