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21 Girls
A Different View
Adams Apple
African Harbour
African King
African Pots Diptych no 2 of 2
African Shutter 1 - 2392
After the Rain
Afternoon Splash
Ambivalent Days
Arabian Horse After Reem
Arum Lily 2 - 3017
Beached Cow
Being There I - Glide A1 Stretched
Birds Online 1
Blue and Orange is the Wildebees
Blueberry Teaspoon
Book Worm
Boulders 1
Breakfast on the Waterfront
Brotherly Love
Brown African Wildebees
Buffalo - Inkblot
Chemical Reactions
Color Day II
Cool Dudes!
Cows, on the move
cracks of moisture
Dark Flower 2 - 3113
Different Directions
Early on a Cold Morning
Effigy 2 - 3172
End Where it Begins
Face to Face
Figs in a Bowl
Flying in
Four Crosses
Four stacked Enamel Cups
Harvest Dust
Hidden Treasure
I See You
I'm Watching You
Imagen Propeller
Keeping the Memory
Les Trois Femmes
Let's Play Model 01
Lines and Shadows
Lone Innocence
Madonna Mirage
Magenta Blush
Megan & John
Midland Cows, Mist Rolling In
Midnight Flame
Might and Range
Minning in Motion
My Creator through my creation
Namaqualand 2
Ndebele Abstract
Nguni 2
Nguni 3
Nguni 4 Set
Nude lady
One night in Bangkok 02
One night in Bankok 03
One Onion
Orange is the Wildebees
Owl House Nieu Bethesda 01
Owl House Nieu Bethesda 02
Patterns of Power
Protea Glow 3
Red is the moon1
Red is the Moon2
Red Ngunis
Red Suspended Animation - 3131
Red Wildebees
Roses 1
Safe House
Sam (4 Parts)
Shaded Edges
Silent March
Small Field of Light and Colour - 3052
Smile Please
Stack it!
Stacked Enamel Colanders
Standing out from the crowd 2
The Blind Spot
The Cheeky Trio
The Choice
The Decorator
The Different One
The Dream
The Letter
The Orange and Green
The Winds of Change - It's Time 1
The Winds of Change - It's Time 2
The Winds of Change - Motion 2
The Year 2001
TheWindsof Change-Motion 1
Three Enamel Cups stacked
Time Interval
Tracking the gap
Twin Flames
Worked Into Floor Piece 2012 - 2637
Yellow Africa
Yellow Beaded Arums
Yellow sky and fire in the corner
Yemen Woman
Zebra Couple

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