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Silk Drawn to the Light
2 pannel African Abstract
2009 Memory of a Vision - Digital
A Dreamer's Profile
A Mystical Place - Digital
A New Dawn
A Note From Above
A Quiet Morning, Pacaltsdorp
abstract panels
Across the Road
Adderley Street 1890s, Cape Town
African Buffalo
African Gold - dyptich
African Harbour
African King
African leasure
African Lullaby
African Mask 11
African Mink
African Pots 1
After the Rain
Afternnon Siesta 01
Afternoon Siesta 02
All the World's a Stage - Digital
Alpha Dragon
Ancient African Wisdom
Ancient forest
Ancient World - Digital
Angel Guides
Apple Driver
Approaching Nebulae
Aqua Earth
Arum Lily #1
Arum Lily #2
Aums Simplicity
Autumn Dream - Digital
Awaken from the Thicket
Awaken with Kings
Awakening, Freedom, Tranquility
Balancing Life
Baobab Awaiting Rain
Baobab in Moonlight #1 in Metal 1/1
Baobab Sunset
Barren Land
Beer Pots
Before the Beginning of Time - Digital
Being Present
Between Heaven and Earth 1 - Digital
Between Heaven and Earth 2
Big 5
Bleeding Love
Blue Boat
blue cloth
Blue Power Healing
Bring Magic
Bushveld Filled Immensity
Bushveld Peace Filled Immensity 01
Calming Lines
Cat and the Fiddle
Celestial Procession - Digital
Cemetery in Paul Roux
Cheetah Family
Circle of Life
Circles, Cycles and Seasons- Digital
Clay Vessels
Coffee and a book
Colours of Soul
Contemplation - Digital
Contemplation 01
Contemplation 02
Contemporary Nature
Cottages Pacaltsdorp
Creative Structure
Cross Over
Crucifixion of Creation
Curiosity Stars
Dance of Life
Dance of the Wave
Dance of Yachts
Dances With Doves
Dances with Doves
Dark Earth
Dark Heart
Decor/de-core 44
Decor/De-Core 47
Deep Security
Desert Light
Distant Hills
Distant Memory 1 (Diptych)
Distant Memory 2 (Diptych)
Dramatic Landscape #3
Dream it up
Dreaming - Digital
Eagle Souls in the Light
Eagles Rest
Eagles Soar
Earth - Sagrada Familia in Barcelona
Earth Jewel
earth man
Earth Meets Sky
Earth Orb
Earth Soul 1
Earth Teach Me to Remember
earth woman
Earth's Treasures
Earth, Fire, Water, Air
Earthly Butterflies
Eden - Digital
Elemence of Romance
Elementals - Earth
Elephant 103
Elephant Lightness
Embrace the World - Digital
Eternity - from Earth towards Heavens
Ethnic Pots
Evening Star Lights
Exoplanet 3
Experience Heaven on Earth
Face Off 1
Face Off 2
Face Off 3
Face to Face
Fadeless Hope
Farm Gate Namaqualand
Fata Morgana
Feeding Time
Fields of Autumn's Fire
Fields One
Fields Three
Fields Two
Finding Self
Fire at Sea
First Touch
Fish River Hot Springs
Fisherman Village
Fissures and Fractures 1/1
Five Elements
Five Loaves and Two Fishes - Digital
Flaming Fields
flaming passion
Flamingo Ladies of the Lake 01
Flamingo Ladies of the Lake 02
Flower Scene
Fly Fisherman
Forest Adventure
Forest Reflections 01
Forest Reflections 02
Forgotten Glory
Four Arums
Four Elements in Urban Form
Four Flowers
Freedom for Life
Fruit of the Earth
Future Light and Life
Fynbos - protea
Gaia Hypothesis
Genesis - Digital
Gifts of the Sea - Digital
Grace Overcomes
Guardians of the Cave
Guidance 01
Guidance 02
Guide Gathering
Happy Hour - Digital
Heading Out
Heading Upstream
Heaven and Earth Reflections
Hercules - Digital
Hidden Places
Hidden Worlds
Highveld Summer
Horizons Four
Horizons One
Horizons Three
Horizons Two
Human Rock
Human Rock II
Humankind - We Built The Weapons
Humankind Ego
Humans Have Crowned Themselves King
I Dream of You 1
I Dream of You 2
I See You
Impala Fight
In Awe of Loneliness
In Balance - Digital
In Memory of a Wedding
In Memory of the Fallen
In My Own World
In Praise of Creation 1 - Digital
In Praise of Creation 2 - Digital
In the Cave of the Hands
In the Wild - Digital
In Unity
Inspiration - Digital
Island Lake
It's a long, long way
Kalahai wandering Lightness
Kalahari Desert Storm
Kalahari Gemsbok Storm
Kalahari River Bed
Kalahari Wanderers
Karoo Magic
Karoo Sunset Storm
Kite Island
Laat Oes - Late Harvest
Lagoon Nights
Last Tree on Earth
Laughing Sky
Leopard's Waterhole
Life Force
Life Force 2
Life's Expectations #1
Lifes Eternal Love
Light Burst 01
Light Burst 02
Listening to Mother Nature
Living Water
Looking nto Eternity
Love According to
Love Filled Surrender
Lovers - Digital
Mandala No.19: Safe
Manet's Boat
Material matters
Memorabilia 2
Memories of the Beginning of Time
Memories of When Time Began - Digital
Minding Lady
Misty Forest
Misty Morn
Moody Grey
Moon Enlightenment
Moon Sun Star Tryptich
Moonlight Mischief
More Than A Mirage
Morning Mist Rising 02
Morning Prayer
Mother Earth
Mother Nature is Calling
Mother's Crown
Mountain Hike
Mountain Raingod - Digital
Moving Forward
Mushroom Gatherers
Musical Friends
Mystic Synergy - Digital
Namaqua Farm Scene near Garies
Namaste - Digital
Namibia's Great Spirits 19/50
Ndebele Abstract
Nearing Dawn
New Beginnings
New Ground
New Life
Night Life - Digital
Night Ocean Reflections
No 1 Tree of Life
No 10 Life Within
No 11 Life Without
No 12 Life
No 2 Grazing
No 3 Vision
No 4 Blue Wilderness
No 5 Grassland Dunes
No 6 Vision Within Lily
No 7 Vision Within Self
No 8 Walking Walking
No 9 Water Walking
On Dry Ground
Once Were Angels - Digital
Out of the Dust
Outcrop 1
Pandora - Digital
Parvati: Daughter Of The Mountains
Patterns in Stone 2 - Abstract Painting
Peaceful Freedom
planets entwined
Playful Tenderness
Plodding Northwards 1
Plodding Northwards 2
Plodding Northwards 3
Polluted Earth
Possible Rain
Prayer of Hope
Presence in the Room
Pushing Through
Putting to Rest
Quenching Earth
Raku Mask
Recycle Abstract - City Life
Recycle Abstract - For Reef
Red Blue Landscape
Red Earth
Red Earth
Red Horizon - Dramatic Landscape
Red Hot Horizon
Reflections - Digital
Rest in Peace
Resting Mountains
Resting Feminine 01
River Woman
Roll On
Rural still life
Russia 2
Rustic Pots
Sacred Pools
Sacrificial Stone
Sad Earth
Safe Seclusion
Sailing On
Sand Dunes
Sea of Tranquility - Digital
Secret Conversations
Secret Pace
Send Out
Sentinel Figure
Serenity Queen
Shade at Last
Shades of Rooibos V
Shadows (Set of 2)
Shamanic Ndebele - African Wisdom
She Lies Sleeping
Shhhh ...
Silk - Soft Shadow of Medusa
Silk Light of Old and Young
Singing Musician
Sleeping Mountains
Solitary Seafront
Song of Creation
Song of the Wave
Soulful Harmonies
Southern Cape Mountains
Spring Flowers - Digital
Spring Morning Love 02
Spring Walk
St. Francis
Still Life with Bird - Digital
Still Life with Red Wine
Stone garden path
Storms River Mouth
Strength Empowering
Success Of A Nation
Sunshine Came Softly
Table Mountain World
Tankwa Karoo
The Artist's Sister
The Beginning
The Cosmos
The Cradle of Africa
The Crystal Desert
The Cycle
The Dead Tree
The Decorator
The Dream of Peace
The Earth Brought Forth Huts
The Elements
The Elements
The Final Voyage of the Liberated Souls
The Good Shepherd 2
The Guardian of the Stones 2
The Guardians of the Stones 1
The Journey
The Kingdom Within - Digital
The Lovers - Version 4
The Magical Voyage of the Old Souls - Digital
The Magus - Digital
The Offering
The Path
The Potter
The Red Necklace - Digital
The road leaving Otavi
The Rock
The Sting
The Valley
The Voyage of the Old Souls to Strange New Lands - Digital
The Voyage of the old Souls to Strange New Lands - Digital
The Water Jug
The Winds of Change - Motion 2
TheWindsof Change-Motion 1
Three Planets
Through Shadows to Light
Tiled Pots
To Be King
To Catch a Star - Digital
Torii Tree - Digital
Transcendental Elements : Earth 4 of 4
Transcendental Elements: Air 3 of 4
Transcendental Elements: Fire 1 of 4
Transcendental Elements: Water 2of4
Travel to Reflect
Triumph and Defeat - Digital
Triumph and Defeat 2 - Digital
Tulips Make My Day
Turquoise Entrapment
Twighlight Roses I
Twighlight Roses II
Two baobabs
Under Africa
Universe Travel
Untiled 1
Untiltled 1
Uprooted I
Valley of Spiritual Knowledge
Vantage Point
Veiled Whispers
Venus Observed
View of Table Mountain
Voyage of Light
Waiting ...
Walking in Namaqualand - Digital
Walking this earth
Wall Pots
Warm Earth RIGHT
Warrior Dance
Water Feature
Water for a Sailor
Welwichia . Namib Desert - Digital
What a Wonderful Day - Digital
What Lies Below IV
When Things Get Complicated
When Time Began
Where the Sky meets the Earth
Wilderness Glow
Willow Dam
Winter Passion
Winter Reflections
Woman Bathing
Working Hard
Working Together
World of Color Map
Yard 4
Zebra Couple

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