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10849 Snoek Fisherman
2 pannel African Abstract
2 Snoek
5 Koi
7 St. Stephens Street Cottage
8 Snoek
A little boy with a fish
A mouth (Beak) full
A Perfect Day for Fishing
A Windy West Coast Day
Abstract - Butterfly Fish
Abstract Fish
Abstract Stillife
Acrylic Ink Koi
Acrylic Ink Koi on Canvas 2
Adam & Eve 2
Adam and Eve
Addo Elephant Waterhole
African Art No7
African Figure Study
African Fish Eagle
African Fish Eagle
African Fish Eagle
African Harbour
African Origin to Eternal Destiny
Alien Squid
Alive Alive O
All in a Whirlpool
Amphitheater Drakensberg
Anchors Away
Angel fish
Angel Kiss
Angel Pairs
Angel with missing rib
Angle fish
aqua shower
Arapaima Gigas
Arrival at Break of Day
As Through a Porthole 1
As Through a Porthole 2
Atlantis - Water
Autumn Creeps In - Leopard
Awaiting the Return
Baines' Baobabs Botswana
Bait Ball
Barbeque Fish
Beach Child Study 2
Beach Child Study 3
Beach House Blocks
beach squares
Beluga 1
Beluga 2
Beluga 3
Betonstede VS die Natuur
Big Fish 2
Biggest Fish
Black Koi
Blink Lywe
Bloemfontein Fish Fountain
Blue Jellyfish
Blue Lionfish
Body & Fish Swirl
Body & Fish Swirl 2
Bokkom Lane Blues 1
Bokkom Lane Blues 2
Bokkom Lane Blues 3
Bokkom Ode to Delauney II
Bokkom Ode to Delauney III
Bokkoms for Sale - Bokkomlaan
Bokkoms in Four Colours
Bollard with Mooring Rope
Bottled Confinement
Boy Fishing
Boys with Fish
Bright Blue Set
Bronze Fish
But the Ocean Doesn't Want Me Today
Butterfly fish
Buttress Storm - Free State
Calming Waters
Camouflaged Coat Kudu
Cape Agulhas Lighthouse
Cape Harbour Scene
Cast thy nets ...
Catch of the Day
Catch of the day
Catch of the day
Catch of the Day
Catch of the Day
Catch of the Day I
Catch of the Day II
Caught in Time
Cherise ripples
Chicks Dig Big Fish
Children barbequing fish
Chobe Fish Eagle and Catch
Circle of Life 3 in Metal - Tribal Sculpture
Clay Sculpture #4
Clown Fish
Clown Triggerfish
Coe Fish
Coelecanth/Global warming
Color Blast
Colourful Splash
Coming home
Coming Up for Air
Cornwall St Woodstock
Crab 1
Crab 2
Crab 3
Crab 4
Crab 5
Creatures from the Deep
Cut Sardines in a Tin
Daily Catch
Damsel Fish
Dawn Crossing - Maun
Deep to Deep
Deep Waters
Dinner Table
Dino-fish - Ceolacanth
Diving Gannets I
Dolphins at Play
Dolphins' World
Dragnet 2
Dream Catch
Dream catch
Dream catch 3
Dream Catch 4
Dream Catch 5
Dream Series 1
Eagle Swooping - Fish Eagle
enamel 3 SET OF 2
Endless Blessings (Abstract)
Even Angels go moonbathing
Evening Tide
Fantastical Eyeball Eating Fish
Fantasy Fish
Feeding Time
Fetching Water
Fish (state 1)
Fish Abstract
Fish addiction rehibilitation centre
Fish and Lemon
Fish Eagle
Fish Eagle
Fish Eagle
Fish Eagle
Fish Fantasy
Fish fingers
Fish for Dinner
Fish for Supper
Fish for the Pan
Fish From the Sea
Fish in a Box
Fish in autumn
Fish in Blue
Fish in Boxes
Fish in Tropics
Fish on a slab
Fish on the Line
Fish Owl
Fish Seller Die Visverkoper
Fish Skin
Fish Under the Sea
Fish With Flowers
Fishdam in Autumn-Visdam in Die Herfs
Fisherman Village
Fisherman westcoast
Fisherman with Catch
Fisherman with Catch
Fisherman with Fish/Hout Bay Harbour
Fisherman's cottage at Paternoster
Fisherman's Hope
Fisherman's House Struisbaai 3
fishermen in kalk bay
Fishers of Men
Fishing - The Good Old Days
Fishing for Compliments
fishing trawlers at Gansbaai harbour
Fishy Martini
Flight, Part 1
Floating Fish in 3d
Floating on Fish
Flowing Color
Fly Fishing - Golden Greens
Flying Fish
Food on Table
Four Fish
Four Seasons
Framed Fishes
Freedom To Fly
Fresh fish
Fresh from the Sea
Fresh from the Sea 2
Gardenscapes VI - Watch over the Pond
Getting there
Giant Tarpon
God Provides Abundantly
Golden Blue
Golden Fish
Golden Koi
Goldfish 1
Goldfish 2
Goldfish in Pond
Goldfish no. 3
Goliath Tigerfish Male
Gone Fishing
Gone fishing
Grand Champion
Great Catch
Green Fish
Green Pastures
Green Table no 3
Gyula's Mother Koi
Hanging to Dry
Happiness In Motion
Harbour House Cafe Kalk Bay
harbour scene
Harbour Scene
harbour scene 2
harbour scene 3
Harbour Scenes
Harmonious Movement
Harmony in Motion
hen pecked men 1
Horse Mackerel
I ate them all
Import Treaty
In Charge - Kudu
Indian Ocean Reef
Inner Strength
Inquisitive Koi
Into the Blue
Jade's Goldfish
Jelly Catching Dinner
Jesus and Disciples
Jewels of the Pond
Jongensfontein 1
Jumping Fish
Kalk Bay Catch
Kalk Bay fish bundle
Kalk Bay Harbour
King Fish
King Of Letaba - Kudu Bull
Koi 1
Koi 1
Koi 1 of 2
Koi 12
Koi 2
Koi 2
Koi 2 of 2
Koi 3
Koi 4
Koi 5
Koi Abstraction
Koi and Goldfish
Koi and Lotus lily 1
Koi and Waterlilies
Koi and Waterlilies
Koi and waterlily No. 3
Koi Feeding Frenzy
Koi Fish
Koi Fish
Koi fish 1
Koi fish 2
Koi Fish 2
Koi Fish Green
Koi Fish no 1
Koi Fish No. 15
Koi Fish No. 16
Koi Fish No. 3
Koi Fish No. 4
Koi Ii
Koi in Ink
Koi in Lilypond Mixed Media 1
Koi in Small Pond
Koi Light
Koi No. 11
Koi No. 14
Koi No. 6
Koi No. 7
Koi No. 8
koi pond
Koi Pond
Koi Pond
Koi Pond
Koi Pond
Koi Pond
Koi Pond
Koi Pond
Koi Pond Disturbance
Koi pond in brown
Koi Story
koi swirl
Koi with waterlilies no. 2
Lady holding fish
Large Spotted Pompano
Last Light Warmth - leopard
Late Afternoon Fishing
Letaba River - Elephant
Lino Fish 1
Lino Fish 2
lion fish
Love at First Sight
Love Life
Lucky Fish
Mabula Male - Buffalo
Magnificent creatures of the deep
Magnificent Fish Eagle
Majestic Fish
Male Brown Trout
Man With Fish
Mandala No.15: Focus
Marine Parade
Matisse Fish
Midday Meeting - Elephants
Midnight Meandering
Mirror-me 3/9
Misty Cape Beach
Monotone Koi Fish No. 2
Moon Dance
Moonlit Boats
Mopani Kudu
Moving Colors
Must be a brown trout
My First Catch
my koi
Namaqualand - Near Vanrhynsdorp
Napoleon Wrasse
Natures Goldfish
Nebby - Sea View Lion
Net-fishermen Displaying their Catch
Nice Snoek-Lekker Snoek
No Almoco
nog vis nog vlees
Northern Pike Leaping
Old Fish Market at Yzerfontein
Old Man - Lino Cut Print 1/5
Omega 3
On Target - Fish Eagle
On the wings of Eagles
Our Daily Bread
Pajama Cardinal Fish
Paradise Found
Paternosta Cape South Africa
Pieces of Color - Fish
Pisces Girl
Plastered Fish 1
Plastered Fish 2
Plastered Fish 3
Plated fish
Playground: Cartwheel Universe
pond dance
Potsdam Koi 3
Potsdam Koi1
Potsdam Koi2
Potsdam koi4
Preparing The Catch
Psalm 8
purple fish
Queen Esther
Quiet Swimmers
Quiet Time
Rainbow Fish #1
Rainbow Fish #2
Rainbow in the Water
Rainbow Marlin
Rare Fish
reef fish
reef fish no3
Reef Meeting
Reef Meeting (Close up of the Turtle)
Reflections on a Fishpond 1
Reflections on a Fishpond 2
Reflections on a Fishpond 3
Reflections, Part 1
Reflections, Part 13
Reflections, Part 14
Reflections, Part 15
Reflections, Part 16
Reflections, Part 17
Reflections, Part 18
Reflections, Part 19
Reflections, Part 2
Reflections, Part 20
Reflections, Part 21
Reflections, Part 22
Reflections, Part 3
Returning Home - Fish Eagle
Revival 1
Revival 10
Revival 11
Revival 12
Revival 15
Revival 2
Revival 25
Revival 3
Revival 4
Revival 5
Revival 6
Revival 7
Revival 8
Revival 9
Rhino and Mt Hangklip
Rio Rita Fish Hoek Trek Boat
Road Sign
Rockcod and parrotfish
rockcod and reef
Rocky Fish River
Running Scared
Rustic Ocean
Saddlebill Stork and Barbel
Saldahna Bay Fisherman
Sardine Run
Sardines Cramped in a Tin
Sardines in a Row
Sardines on a Plate
Savuti Bull - Elephant
Savuti leopard
Savuti Marshland Bull
Sculptured Coral Reef
Sea Inspirations
Sea Jewels 1
Sea Jewels 2 (diptych)
Sea Jewels 3
Sea Jewels 7
Sea Set
Sea Turtle II
Self Portrait #2
Serenity of fishing village
Shells 2
Shoal Swirl
Silent Hunter
Sinking Treasures
Slow Moon
Small Fish, Big Pond
Small Streams, Big Fish...
Smallmouth Bass Over River Rocks
Snoek Catchers
Snoek kop boot kop
Snoekkop en Bootkop
SOLD Cleaning Fish
SOLD Cleaning Fish 2
SOLD Fish and bread
SOLD Fisherman Shoe Left Behind
Solly's Hole in one
Something Fishy
Song of the Wave
Sparse Tranquility
Spotted Grunter
Spotted Grunter
Static Fish
Still Life With Fish
Still Life With Fish
Stone Fish 1
Stone Fish 2
Storm Warning - Elephant
Story Teller
Street Scene
Stuck in Transition
Sun and Sand II
Sunset in Namibia
Sunset Over Bay with Fishing Boat
Swimming Upstream
Table no 25
Table no 6
Tailwater Quarry
Take Sway
Thai Dreaming
Thai Fish
Thank You For The Fish
The Achiever
The Big Fish
The catch
The colour Black
The Dream
The Fish That Went Flyabout
The Five Fishes
The Flats Five
The Gathering
The Goose That Lays the Golden Eggs
The King of the Stream
The Lion of The Ocean
The Miracle
The Offering
The Pond
The Pond I
The Pond II
The Return of the Fishermen
The ripe fish
The Sign of Jonah
The Trout
The Visionary
The Winds of Change - Motion 2
TheWindsof Change-Motion 1
Three Fishes
Three Wise Men
Tic Tac Toe
To Conform...1 -SOLD
To Conform...2
To Conform...3
Tobie or not Tobie
Transcendental Flight
Transient Reflections
Trapped Fish
Trawl-net Buoys
Tree of Life
Tropical Fish
Trout Reflections 1
Trout Reflections II
Tthe Impossible Dream?
Turquoise Koi
turquoise set
Turtle With Red Coral
Twee Brode en Drie Visse
Two baobabs
Two koi
Two Small Fish and Five Breads
Uganda Kob Antelope
Under and Above the Sea
Under the Sea
Under-the-sea Scape
Underwater Reef
underwater scene
Underwater Sea Scene
Underwater World
Untitled 6
Vakansie kombuis
Visserman's Huisie
Visserman's huisie 2
Waiting At The Harbour
Waiting for the Weather to clear
Water World I
Water World II
we three kings
West Coast Fisherman
West Coast Fisherman with Harders
Westcoast Spring 5
Wharlberg Eagle
Wheel of Fortune
Wind Beneath My Wings
Woman at Work
Woman With Two Fish
Woman's Intuition
Women with baby and fish
Yellow Fin
Yinyang Fish
Young Partners - Lions

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