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2 pannel African Abstract
2009 Memory of a Vision - Digital
7 St. Stephens Street Cottage
8Misty Waterfall
A Family of Wild Boars
A Line of Trees
A Mystical Place - Digital
A Namibian Dream - Digital
A Perfect Balance - Digital
A Walk in the Forest
A Walk in the Woods
Abstract Water Landscape
Addo Elephant Waterhole
African Harbour
African King - Digital
African Tapestry - Digital
African Tapestry- Digital
African Wildlife
All the World's a Stage - Digital
Almost a unicorn
Ancient forest
Ancient World - Digital
Arise Shine
Arum Lilies
Arum Lilies in a Misty Forest
Arum Lilies in the Wetlands
Arum Lily
Aspen Forest
At the edge of the forest
At the Waterfall
Aunty Kay's Thatched House
Autum breeze
Autumn Creeps In - Leopard
Autumn Dream - Digital
Autumn Forest
Autumn Forest
Autumn forest
Autumn Forest Firewalk
Autumn Forest Homestead
Autumn in the Cape
Autumn near Clarens
Autumn Sunlight
Autumn Trees
Autumnal road
Baines' Baobabs Botswana
Baobab Tree 1 in Metal Sculpture 1/1
Baobab-Tree of Life 1 in Metal 1/1
Baobabs - Digital
Battlefield Erotica
Be Still and Know
Before the Beginning of Time - Digital
Belgium Forest
Beneath the Waves - Digital
Between Heaven and Earth 1 - Digital
Between Heaven and Earth 2
Beyond the Trees
Birch Forest
Birch Garden
Birch Trees
Birch Trees
Blue Forest
Blue forest
Blue Gums
Blue Gums
Blue Gums in Forest
Bluebell Field
Bluegum Pathway
Bluegum Tree Pathway
Bluegum Trees
Blydepoort Stream
Bohemian Forest
Bos Plaas
Branch Network
Breede River Valley
Brilliant Trees
Buffalo in the Timbavati
Buttress Storm - Free State
Camouflaged Coat Kudu
Canada Forest Lake
Cape Mountain Landscape-3
Cape Town Trees
Cape, Newlands Forest
Celestial Procession - Digital
Chief's Son
Children Running Over Bridge
Circles, Cycles and Seasons- Digital
Clivia Walk Pledge Nature Reserve
Cogmanskloof Pass - Montagu
Colors of Africa
Corfe Castle
Country Ramble
Crimson Lean
Crispy Autumn
Crossroads of a Dream
Dark Forest
Dawn Crossing - Maun
Deep in the Mystic Forest
Derelict Building in a Gulley
Distant Forest
Dream Machine Digital-
Dreaming - Digital
Dreaming in a Forest B&W Series
Dutch Boomklever/Roodborstje
Dutch Koolmees
Eagle Swooping - Fish Eagle
Early Morning in Gum Forest
Early Morning Mist
Eastcliff Forest
Eden - Digital
Edge Of The Forest
Edge of the Forest
Embrace the World - Digital
Enchanted Forest
Enchanted Stream
End of Flowers
Eucalyptus - Bloekom
Evening Tide
Fairy Forest Path
Fallen Autumn Leaves
Falling Leaves
Fantasy Trees
Fata Morgana
Ferns in the Forest
Fields of Abundance
Fight For Supremacy
fish eagle
Fish Eagle
Fisherman's Patience
Five Loaves and Two Fishes - Digital
Flower Garden Pickers
Flying Beast
For God and Jesus' glory: 'Guiding light'
For God and Jesus' Glory: Forest Meandering
For God and Jesus' glory: Stairway to Bliss'
Forest 1
Forest 1, My Father's Chair
Forest 2
Forest Adventure
Forest Birds
Forest Bride
Forest Cascade
Forest Cathedral
Forest Cottage
Forest Donkey Cart
Forest Dwelling
Forest Dwelling
Forest Encounter
Forest Fire
Forest Floor
Forest Floor
Forest Gate 1
Forest Gate 2
Forest Gateway
Forest Giant
Forest Glade
Forest Hide
Forest in Autumn
Forest Interior
Forest Lake
Forest Lake
Forest Light
Forest Light
Forest Magic
Forest Musing
Forest Nymph
Forest of Thoughts
Forest Path
Forest Path
Forest Path
Forest Pathway
Forest Pathway - Stutterheim
Forest Pathway(SOLD)
Forest Pond
Forest rain
Forest Reflections 01
Forest Reflections 02
Forest Scene
Forest Scene - Hogsback
Forest Stream
Forest Stream
Forest Stream
Forest Sunset
Forest Trail
Forest Trees
Forest Trees
Forest Walk
Forest Walk
Forest Walk
Forest Walk
Forest Walk
Forest Walk
Forest Walk
Forest Walk 1
Forest Walk 2
Forest Waterfall
Forest Wonder
Forever Princess
Forgotten Forest
Freedom To Fly
From a Distance
Full moon forest
Garden Forest
Genesis - Digital
German Mountain (Weiler im Allgäu)
Gifts of the Sea - Digital
Girl and Rabbit in the Forest
Girl in the Forest with Squirrel
Glorius Africa
Gold Rush
Great Train Robbery Hideaway
Green Hole in the Wall Forest
Guineafowls Life
Gum Trees, Kwa-Zulu Natal
Happy Hour - Digital
Have I A Story To Tell
Hear the Leaves
Hercules - Digital
Hidden Village
Hills of Home 1
Hillside Trees Silhouette
Hogsback Arboretum
Hogsback Cottage
Hogsback I
Hogsback II
Homestead under Bluegum Trees
Hope 1
Hope 2
House In The Woods 1
I Went Into The Woods Again Today
I Will Make a Way
Impressionistic forest
In Balance - Digital
In Charge - Kudu
In Memory of the Fallen
In Praise of Creation 1 - Digital
In Praise of Creation 2 - Digital
In the Cave of the Hands
In the Company of Wolves
In the Forest
In the light of Change
In the light of Change2
In The Line Of Fire
In the Shade
In the Wild - Digital
Inspiration - Digital
Into the Forest
Into the Forest
Into the forest
Into the woods
Jonkershoek Water Stream
Keurbooms Forest 1
King Of Letaba - Kudu Bull
Knysna During Autumn
Knysna Forest
Knysna Forest
Knysna Inferno
Knysna Misty Forest 2
Kologha Cascade
Lake Skye Scotland - 1
Last Gasp
Last Light Warmth - leopard
Leopard Family
Letaba River - Elephant
Life is Perfect
Light on Still Waters
Lilac Mist
Lonesome Buck
Lost Elephant
Lost in the Forest
Lovers - Digital
Mabula Male - Buffalo
Makarikari Baobabs - Digital-
Mandleve the Famous Tusker - Digital
Meeting in the Olive Grove
Memories of the Beginning of Time
Memories of When Time Began - Digital
Midday Meeting - Elephants
Midlands Meander 2
Midlands Meander 3
Midnight Flight
Misty Brown Trees
Misty Forest
Misty Forest
Misty Forest
Misty forest stream
Misty Road (Hogsback)
Misty Trees
Monet Painting on the Edge of a Wood (..Sargent)
Monochrome Misty Rainforest 2
Monochrome Rainforest 1
Montagu Inspiration
Montagu Pass
Moonlight on the Water
Moonlit Trees
Mopani Kudu
Mopani Madness
Moremi Herd
Morning has Broken
Mountain Forest
Mountain Raingod - Digital
My Bos Huis
My Dream
My Faraway Tree
My Wegkruip Plek
Mylor Boat Shed
Mystic Fall II
Mystic Synergy - Digital
Mystical Forest
Mystical Forest
Mystical Paradise
Namaqualand in the Spring 2 - Digital
Namaste - Digital
Nature's Calling
Navigate Life
Ndumo Fig Forest
Nebby - Sea View Lion
New Beginnings
New Mercies
Newlands Forest and Devil's Peak
Next to the River, I Dream
Night Life - Digital
Nude in Forest
Nymph and Spirit of the Tree
Oak Trees in the Mist
Off to Graze
Old Bull
Old Tree
On Forest Pond
On Target - Fish Eagle
Once Were Angels - Digital
Outside Bethlehem
Owl Castillo
Pale Apple Forest Abstract
Pandora - Digital
Pandora's Inn, Restronguet, Cornwall
Path in the Forest
Peaceful Pond - Underberg
Phoenix - Digital
Pilangsberg Elephants
poison beauty
Poplars in Winter
Private Chat
Protecting The Herd
Purple Forest
Purple Forest
Purpur Jewel
Raka's Forest
Red Rhinos at Sundown- Digital
Red Sunflower Garden
Red Triplets
Red Winter Forest / Amazing Pathway Series
Red Woods
Redwood Forest
Reflections - Digital
Returning Home - Fish Eagle
Rhino and Mt Hangklip
Road lined with bluegum trees
Room with a View
Running Free
Running Scared
Russia 1
Rusted lanscape
Ruwenzori - Digital
Safanja Girls
Safe House
Savuti Bull - Elephant
Savuti leopard
Savuti Marshland Bull
Scene from Hoggsback
Sea of Tranquility - Digital
Seasons of Wood
Seeing the Light
Shadow Forest
Shining Through
Silent Shadows
Silent Splendour
Silver Birch
Silver Birch Trees and Orange Leaves
Silver Birches 2010
Silver Wood
Silverbirch Trees and Orange Leaves2
Simons Sleeps Under His Blanket
Skyline of trees 2009
Smokey Trees
Song of Creation
Song of the Wave
Sparse Tranquility
Spine of Africa
Spirit of Africa
Spiritual Journey
Spring Field
Spring field I
Spring Flowers - Digital
Spring Thomas River
Spring Walk
Spring Walk
Stand Off - Buffalo
Staring Leopard
Still Life with Bird - Digital
Storm Warning - Elephant
Stream in a Forest
Stutterheim Forrest
Summer Trees
Sunday Afternoon Stroll
Sunlight in the Woods
Sunray Forrest
Sunrays in the Forest
Sunset Sauna
Sunset, Moonrise - Digital
Tall Trees Abstract I
Tall Trees Abstract II
Tall Trees Abstract III
Tall Trees Abstract V
Target Kloof Mill Park
Thalo's Incredible World I
Thalo's Incredible World II
The Bridge in the Forest
The Call of Africa - Digital
The Crystal Desert
The Day's Fuel
The Dream of Peace
The Edge of the Forest Panel - 1
The Edge of the Forest Panel - 2
The Edge of the Forest Panel - 3
The Edge of the Forest Panel - 4
The Edge of the Forest Panel - 5
The Final Voyage of the Liberated Souls
The Flower Picker
The Forest
The Forest
The Gateway
The Guardian of the Stones 2
The Guardians of the Stones 1
The Kingdom Within - Digital
The Kiss
The Land
The Lovers - Version 4
The Magical Voyage of the Old Souls - Digital
The Magus - Digital
The Matriarch Elephant
The Morning After - lion
The Mountains
The Outeniquas
The Path
The Path
The Red Necklace - Digital
The River Runs Through
The Road Less Travelled
The Road Well Travelled
The Seven-Fold Spirit of God - Knowledge
The Shades
The Threshold
The Vanishing World
The Voyage of the Old Souls to Strange New Lands - Digital
The Voyage of the old Souls to Strange New Lands - Digital
The Waterfall
The Winds of Change - It's Time 1
The Winds of Change - It's Time 2
The Winds of Change - Motion 2
TheWindsof Change-Motion 1
Through the Trees
Time to Rest
To Catch a Star - Digital
To the Woods 1
To the Woods 2
Tòl tractor
Torii Tree - Digital
Tree in Moonlight
Tree Reflections
Tree Stump
Trees in Autumn, Diptych
Trees In Their Fluid State
Trees Of Hope
Triumph and Defeat - Digital
Triumph and Defeat 2 - Digital
Tropical Bluebird 2
Tstsikamma Waterfall
Tulips in the Forest
Two baobabs
Two Trees in Metal 1/1
Two Trees Silhouette Painting
Uganda Kob Antelope
Umfolozi Dawn - Digital
Under the bridge
Underberg Autumn 2007
Upper Dickens Street Green Space
Walk under the Trees
Walking in Namaqualand - Digital
Walking in Silence
Warning Bell
Warning Signs
Waterfall in the Dark
Waterfalls of Love
Welwichia . Namib Desert - Digital
Wharlberg Eagle
What a Wonderful Day - Digital
When Time Began
Where Are We
Where The Forest Begins
Where You Want to Be
Woodland Glade
Woodland Walk
Yellow Trees
You Are Never Alone
Young Partners - Lions
Zebra 05
Zebra Dragon
Zimbabwe Forest

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