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Angels in Soft Green Sold
2009 Memory of a Vision - Digital
648 Jasmine
650 Orchids
651 White Daisy
653 Yellow Lilies
A Duo of Pink Daisies
A Garden of Symmetrical Asymmetrical Proportion
A Long Cool Drink
A Long Hot Summer
A Long Summer's Day
A Mystical Place - Digital
A Namibian Dream - Digital
A Perfect Balance - Digital
A Stellenbosch Garden View
A Walk In The Park
Abstract 2
African Harbour
African King - Digital
African Tapestry - Digital
African Tapestry- Digital
After the Rain
All the World's a Stage - Digital
Allium Garden
Aloe 2010
Aloe Garden 2
Aloe Triptych
Aloes near the Sea
Amazon Garden
Ambrosia's Love Letter
An Artist's Garden
An Outdoor Sketch
Ancient World - Digital
Angie's Garden Archway
Arum Lilies
Arum Lilies
Arum Lilies I
Arums in the Garden
Arums in the Pink
As Lovely ...
At the End of the Day
Autumn Dream - Digital
Baobab Tree 1 in Metal Sculpture 1/1
Baobab-Tree of Life 1 in Metal 1/1
Baobabs - Digital
Baynesfield House - front
Baynesfield House - Rear
Beautiful Nature
Before the Beginning of Time - Digital
bench for contemplation
Bench Under Tree
Beneath the Waves - Digital
Between Heaven and Earth 1 - Digital
Between Heaven and Earth 2
Bible Hour
Birch Garden
Bird Feeder
Bird of Paradise
Birthday Bouquet
Blomme vir Heidi
Blood Lily
Blue Iris 1
Blue Sunflower
Bold Cannas
Botanical Figures
Botanical Garden Betty's Bay Scenery 01
Botanical Garden Bettys Bay_Scenery 02
Botanical Gardens
Bridge in Garden
Brilliant Trees
Bring Magic
Canterbury Cathedral
Cape Aloe 2
Cape Dutch
Cape Dutch Home in Spring
Cape Homestead
Carol's Mixed Flowers
Cat and Flowerpots
Cat and Nasturtiums
Cat in the window
Cat Siesta
Celestial Procession - Digital
Circle of Life
Circles, Cycles and Seasons- Digital
Collecting Flowers for the Wedding
Companje Garden Cape Town
Contemplation - Digital
Cottage at Farm
Cottage Garden
Country Garden
Country Home
Crowned in Beauty
Daddy's garden
Daffodils Reward
Darling Cottage
Day at the Races
Deep Purple
Delightful Garden
Desert Garden
Doudruppel in Die Kompanjie Tuine
Dragon over Fireplace
Dream Machine Digital-
Dreaming - Digital
Ducks Enjoying Their Morning Stroll
Dutch Boomklever/Roodborstje
Dutchman Pipe 1 of 2 Set
Ecervaria in Pot
Eden - Digital
Einstein's Garden
Elusive Trees
Embrace the World - Digital
Enjoying Red Wine in a French Garden
Entering Sanctuary
Esta, Girl Looking at Flowers
Every Drop Helps!
EW 743
Eye On Giverny
farm scenes 2
Fata Morgana
Fifty Shades of White
Five Loaves and Two Fishes - Digital
Flaming Tulips II
Floral Abstract
Floral Fantasy
Floral Thoughts
Flower Garden Pickers
Flower Gate
Flowers under the trees
Flowers with Butterflies
Flowing Color
Friday with Crested Barbet and Marie Antoinette
Fruity Still Life
Funky Tulips
Fynbos Proteas
Galanthus Nivalis
Garden 1
Garden 2
Garden Aloe
Garden Arums 2
Garden Forest
Garden Gates
Garden Image on Red
Garden of Eve
Garden of Mushrooms
Garden of Peace
Garden path
Garden Path
Garden Path in Spring
Garden scene
Garden Shapes
garden snakes
Garden with Heart and Star
Gardener at Sunset
Gardenscape IV: Meadow Bridge
Gardenscapes I : The Yellow Iris
Gardenscapes III: Pergola
Gardenscapes V Japanese Bridge
Gardenscapes VI - Watch over the Pond
Genesis - Digital
Geraniums and Apples
Gifts of the Sea - Digital
Girl Faery Portrait
Girl in a Red Top
Girl in a Yellow Dress
Girl on a Swing
Girl with Lilies
Girls in the Garden
Glimpse of the Garden
Greek Steps
Green Hydrangea
Green Pepper
Green Pepper
Green Space in the City
Green vase with mixed florals
gregorian angels
Groot Constantia
Hanging Pomegranate
Happy Home
Happy Hour - Digital
Hat With Black Ribbon
Hercules - Digital
Hibrid Tea
Hiding Cat
Highveld Image
Hogsback Arboretum
Home away from home
Huang Garden, Shanghai
Hydrangea Hues 2
I Stand at the Door
Iceberg Roses
Impressionist Daisies
Impressionist Poppies
Impressionist Proteas
Impressionist Stocks
In Balance - Digital
In Memory of the Fallen
In Praise of Creation 1 - Digital
In Praise of Creation 2 - Digital
In the Cave of the Hands
In the Cool of the Day
In the Doorway
In the Garden
In The Garden
In the Wild - Digital
Inspiration - Digital
Iris 1
Iris Miniature
Italian Home
Jacaranda City
Japanese Garden
Japanese Koi Fish
Jenny's house
Joy Unspeakable Rose
Just The Tree Of Us
Kalanchoe Thyrsiflora
Kings Grant Garden
Kitchen mural
Koi Pond
Koi Pond
Lady in white dress
Lady Knitting
Lady with Umbrella
Larger Than Life 1
Larger Than Life 2
Larger Than Life 3
Lavender Day Series
Lavender in the Courtyard
Lavender Sanctuary
Lavendula Dentata
Lazy Days in Lagos (Diptych)
Lemon Branch
Light on Orange Roses
Lily Pond Reflections
Little gardener
Living Stones
Lizard Tree
Lost in the Bush Part 1
Lovers - Digital
Lying Among Flowers
Magic in My Garden
Magical Garden
Magickal Family
Magnolia 1
Magoebaskloof Pub
Mags Painting
Makarikari Baobabs - Digital-
Make a wish
Mandleve the Famous Tusker - Digital
Maroon Mixed Media Abstract
May Bells
Meeting in the Olive Grove
Memories of the Beginning of Time
Memories of When Time Began - Digital
Miko (Japanese Priestess)
MINIATURE-Cottage in Pilgrim's Rest
Miniature-Sending a Message
Mom and I
Monet's Garden
Moon Harvest
Moonlight in the Garden
Morewag Primary School
Morning has Broken
Moss Rose
Mother and Child
Mother and daughter
Mother's Love
Mountain Raingod - Digital
Musing in Viridian
My Family of Geese
My Queen; now go to Adam!
Mykenos, Langebaan
Mystic Garden
Mystic Synergy - Digital
Nadine's Garden
Naive Garden Scene
Namaqualand in the Spring 2 - Digital
Namaste - Digital
Natal Garden
Nature Garden, Montagu
Night Life - Digital
Nighttime in the Garden of Delight
No 5-The Garden of Gethsemane
Nude Art - Eve
Once Were Angels - Digital
Orchid Garden
Our Tree 2
Pandora - Digital
Pansy Miniature
Paper Jets
Parrot Tulip
Parties in Bloom
Perhaps This is the Reason
Petals in the Wind
Phoenix - Digital
Picture Window
Pigs Ears
Pink & Orange Hybiscus
Pink Garden Rose
Pink Hibiscus
Pink Paradise
Poppy field
Poppy Love
Posey 1
Pot and Pansies
Potted terrace
Prince Beka and Vadmascalany
Purple Fantasy
Purple Heron RESERVED
Purple Hybiscus
Purple Iris
Quiet Hour
Quiver Tree #2 in Metal 1/1
Reaping the Rewards
Red Petunias
Red Poppy
Red Rhinos at Sundown- Digital
Red Simplicity
Red Sunflower
Red Sunflower Garden
Red Triplets
Reflections - Digital
Rose Abstract Like Water
Rose Arch
Rose Garden
Rose Garden
Rose Garden II
Rose Green
Rose Pink
Rose Purple
Rose Tree in Moonlight in Metal 1/1
Rose with dew drops
Rozanne's Garden
Ruby Amaryllis
Ruwenzori - Digital
Sacred Garden
Salmon Garden Roses
Sea of Tranquility - Digital
Secret Garden
Secret Garden
Secret Garden
Secret Garden 2
Serene Lily Pond
Shadow Dancers
Shadows in the Garden
Sheeple in Garden
Show Garden
Silvers Mist Tea Garden
Snowy Christmas Garden
Song of Creation
South African Cottage
Spanish Garden
Spirit of Africa
Spring Flowers - Digital
Spring Pick
Spring Thomas River
St. Joseph Lilies
Still Life with Bird - Digital
Still Life with Nasturtiums
Stone Garden
Storie Telling
Succulent in Rusty Tin
Summer Garden
Summer Garden, Oude Nektar, Stellenbosch
Summer Gardens 1 2 3 4
Summer House
Sunflower Shine
Sunflowers 2
Sunlit Rose Garden-print only
Sunny Entrance
Sunset, Moonrise - Digital
Sunshine Came Softly
Sweat Peas From My Garden
Sweltering Heat
Tea on the Terrace
Tea towel in french garden
Temptation Revisited
The Anniversary
The Bench
The Border - Keurboomstrand
The Braille Reader
The Call of Africa - Digital
The Crystal Desert
The Dream
The Dream of Peace
The Duck Pond
The Edge of the Forest Panel - 1
The Edge of the Forest Panel - 2
The Edge of the Forest Panel - 3
The Edge of the Forest Panel - 4
The Edge of the Forest Panel - 5
The Final Voyage of the Liberated Souls
The Garden
The Goatherd
The Guardian of the Stones 2
The Guardians of the Stones 1
The Kingdom Within - Digital
The Lovers - Version 4
The Magical Voyage of the Old Souls - Digital
The Magus - Digital
The Manor
The Matriarch
The Most Beautiful Lily
The Nanu
The Oaks
The Pond (Central Park, NY)
The Red Door
The Red Necklace - Digital
The Retreat 2
The Rose Garden
The Rose of Love
The Secret
The Secret Garden
The Somewhere Inn
The Visitor
The Voyage of the old Souls to Strange New Lands - Digital
The Voyage of the Old Souls to Strange New Lands - Digital
The Wall
The Warm Glow of a Tuscan Garden
The Water Jug
The Water Table
The way to the garden
The Yellow Flowerpot
The Yellow Guitar
Through the Arch
Time Together
To Catch a Star - Digital
Torii Tree - Digital
Trees In Their Fluid State
Trellised Garden Walkway
Triumph and Defeat - Digital
Triumph and Defeat 2 - Digital
Tropical garden
Two Nudes in a Garden
Two Pots
Two Trees in Metal 1/1
Uitkyk Wine Estate Stellenbosch
Umfolozi Dawn - Digital
Union Buildings, Pretoria
Valley Blush
vegetable garden
Vegetable picking 2
Vegtable garden 5
Vegtable garden 6
Vintage Orchid
Violet Abstract Landscape
Wait on the Lord
Walk alone
Walking in Namaqualand - Digital
Water Corner
Water Fountain Rock
Welwichia . Namib Desert - Digital
What A Beautiful Morning
What a Wonderful Day - Digital
When Time Began
White Blooms in Glass Vase
White Embrace
White Flowers 1
White lilies
White Lily
Wild Fields
Willow Tree with Brook
Window Seat
Woman in Poppy Field
Woman with Umbrella
Wooden Door
Woodlands 1
Worker 02
Working Examples
Yellow Poppies
Yorkie Gucci in Garden
Zinnias, Catherine Park St Petersburg

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