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Africa, Geisha
African Pot II
Awaken from the Thicket
Beautiful Peaceful Scent of Rain
Calm after the Storm
Clay Vessel #1
Clay Vessel #2
Clay Vessel #3
Clay Vessel #4
Color in the Storm
Coming Up for Air
Contemplation I - Ode to Worship
Down Deeper
Giselle 1
Giselle 2
Giselle 4 Shoe
Giselle 5
Giselle 6
Gratitude for All
Gratitude for Her
Gratitude for Him
Great Karroo Revisited
Her Story
Lady in Grey
Letting Go
Life in a Box
Lilith and Lupo in French Basket
Little Bird
Look In, Not Out
Misty Midlands Road
Misty Morn
Namaqualand Storm
Nature's Harmony II
Nature's Patchwork
Old Congregational Church
On Eagles' Wings
Patchwork Pasticcio
portait 1 in black and white
Quiver Owl
Red light
Searching for Soul
Sensual Reflections
Softly Silently Surrender
Standing Strong
Storm at Sea
Storms River Mouth
Unique Collection
Vase with Roses
Voyage to Light
Walking Ahead
Walking Upstream
Where are You Now? (Diptych)
White Sand Dunes
Yonder Hills, Bushveld

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