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Abstract Composition in Copper 1/1
African Dreams Abstract Pastel
African Landscape 1 Abstract
African Landscape 2 Abstract
African Woman
Aluminium & Mesh Triangle Panel Picture Frame
Baboon 1 - Incised Woodcut Block 1/1
Ballerina & Juggler 2 in Metal
Baobab Tree & Elephant 2 in Metal 1/1
Baobab Tree 1 in Metal Sculpture 1/1
Baobab-Tree of Life 1 in Metal 1/1
Birdman 3 in Metal Tribal Sculpture
Black Widow
Blue Chair & Oranges Vivid Pastel
Buffalo 1 Incised Woodcut Block 1/1
Buffalo Coloured & Incised Woodcut Block 1/1
Circle of Life 3 in Metal 1/1- Tribal Sculpture
Clay Sculpture #1
Clay Sculpture #3
Colorful Flowers
Cross Section - Abstract Painting
Dappled Forest - Landscape Painting
Dramatic Landscape #3
Earth Forms - Abstract Painting
Fire Bird Abstract Painting
Fissures and Fractures 1/1
Fleurs Pastel
Fossil Amber
Giselle 1
Giselle 2
Giselle 4 Shoe
Giselle 5
Giselle 6
In The Face Of Hardship
Le Femme
Leopard - Coloured & Incised Woodcut Block 1/1
Molten Aluminium & Mesh Mirror Frame
Patterns in Sand 2
Patterns in Stone 2 - Abstract Painting
Quest For Knowledge
Red Horizon - Dramatic Landscape
Rhino - Coloured & Incised Woodcut Block
Rocky Outcrop Quiver Tree - Landscape Painting
Rose Tree in Moonlight in Metal 1/1
Springbok Silhouette in Metal Sculpture 1/1
The Big Old Baobab in Metal 1/1
The Last Rhino
The Stretch - Nude in Metal 1/1
Threads Triptych Abstract in Metal 1/1
Three Springbok in Metal 1/1
Transkei Mist
Treasures of the Rainforest
Tree of Life 2 in Metal 1/1
Vivid Landscape Painting of Hillside
Warthog 2 Charcoal Sketch
White Rhino 2 Charcoal Sketch

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