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"Heading to the surf" 2017
2 pannel African Abstract
A Bright Karoo Morning
A Long Cool Drink
A Long Summer's Day
A New Life
A Pair of Cape Sparrows
A Pair of White Eyes
A Peaceful Morning (Pierneef Style)
A Perfect Day for Fishing
A Pile of Chicken
A Quiet Morning, Pacaltsdorp
A Secluded Spot - Old Cape Town
A Study with Trees 2 (series)
A Whisper Through The Trees
Abandoned Cottage
Abandoned Farm House
Acacia Tree 01
African King
African Lady
African Madonna
After Constable
After the Rain
Afternoon Roundup
Afternoon Walk
Al lê die Berge nog so Blou
Aloe with Karoo Vista
Alone at Sunset
Amazing Nature
Ambivalent Bride
Ambrosia's Love Letter
Amy Winehouse
Ancient Forest
Another Day Over
Another Pile of Chicken
Arniston Coastal Village
Arrival at Break of Day
Art in the Park
Art is an Adventure
Arum Lilies with Distant Table Mountain
Arum Lilly Girl
Arums in Turquoise
As Evening Falls
As Lovely ...
At My Window
Autumn at Steenberg
Autumn Cottages
Autumn in Stellenbosch
Autumn Lake Pallette
Autumn Landscape ('Pierneef Style')
Autumn Silence (Pierneef Style)
Ballet Shoes - Orange
Ballet Shoes - Pink
Be Still and Wait Through the Storm
Beach Baby
Beach Houses
Beach Princess
Beating Hearts
Beautiful Cape Town
Beautiful Figs on My Table-SOLD
Beautiful Green Eyes
Beautiful South Africa
Bible Hour
Big 5
Big Easy Restaurant Stellenbosch
Birth of Venus
Black Madonna 1
Black Madonna 2
Black Madonna 3
Blissful Passions
Blue and Yellow Reflection
Blue forest
Blue Gum Tranquility
Blue Hairband
Blue Lillies
Blue Mountains and Grassy Fields
Bokkom Lane Blues 1
Bokkom Lane Blues 3
Bokkom Ode to Delauney II
Bokkom Ode to Delauney III
Boston Crew in Fall
Boulders 1
Boulders near Nieuwoudtville
Bridal Dream
Bushveld Tranquillity (Pierneef Style)
Camel Thorn Trees
Camps Bay Memories
Canola Fields
Cape Carnival 1
Cape Carnival 2
Cape Carnival 3
Cape Carnival 4
Cape Carnival 5
Cape Carnival 6
Cape Carnival 7
Cape Farm Yard with Gum Trees
Cape Minstrels
Cape Rose
Cape Scene With Arum Lilies
Cape Town Living in Bygone Years 1
Cape Town Living in Bygone Years 2
Cape Town Living in Bygone Years 3
Cape Town Living in Bygone Years 4
Cape Town Living in Bygone Years 5
Cape Town Living in Bygone Years 6
Cape Town Ruins in Bygone Days
Cape Waterfront
Cape Winelands Early Morning
Cape Winelands with Basket Carrier
Captain's Manor in the Fog
Carnival in Rio
Catch of the Day
Cattle with Windmill
Celia and friends
Chestnut Flowers
Climate Change
Cloudy Day on Helshoogte
Collecting Fire Wood
Come to the River
Conceited Groom
Cooling down, Arabian Gulf, Dubai
Costa del ladies
Cottage at Faraway Hill
Cottage Greyton
Cottage with a Sea View
Cottages Pacaltsdorp
Cottages Reflecting in Water
Country Scene with Donkey Cart 1
Crested Barbet
Crossing Over
Curiosity Stars
Dam Cottages
Dam Reflections
Dancing in the rain
Dare to Dream
Dawn Reflections
Day Lilies
Day's Farewell
Deep Calls to Deep
Doing the daily Chores
Dorp Street in Winter
Dramatic Sky
Dream a Little Dream
Dream a Little Dream 2
Dream a Little Dream 2
Dream Drumming
Dream Landscape with Yellow Trees
Dreaming by the Stream
Du Toit's Canyon
Eagle Souls in the Light
Eagles Soar
Early Biker
Early Morning Low Tide Fishing Spot
East Coast Seascape
Eastern Province Farmstead
Eerste River on a Sunny Afternoon
Eerste River, Stellenbosch in Pristine Beauty
Egyptian Gate, Harrisburg, PA USA
Elegant Personalities at Jordan Wine Estate
Elephant at Waterhole
Elephant Bull at Waterhole
Elephant Lightness
Emosies 1
Emotions 2
End of Summer Bouquet
Endless Symphony
Equestrienne in White
Evening Shadows
Evening Shadows - Boschendal
Everlasting Joy Nasturtiums
Face in the Mirror
Face to Face
Family and Friends
Farm Cottage Swellendam
Farm Cottages with Gravel Road
Farm Gate Namaqualand
Farm Gate, Morning Light
Farm Landscape with Grazing Sheep
Farm Road to the Past
Farm Scene
Farm Scene - Bird's Eye View
Farm Scene with Pine Trees
Feeding Time
Fence Poppies
Figure By Tree
Figure Study #1
Figure Study #2
Fire Trees
Fish Fantasy
Fisherman's Cottage
Fishing - The Good Old Days
Fishing for You
Flaming Tulips I
Flaming Tulips II
Flaming Tulips III
Floral Cathedral
Floral Entourage
Flower Explosion
Flower Sellers
Flowering Season Loeriesfontein
Flowers in Tea Cup
Forest Impression 1
Forest Musing
Forgotten Sister
Forsaken Soul
Franschhoek Pass (French Corner Pass)
Free State Wheat Fields 1
Free State Wheat Fields 2
Frisbee Glen Beach, Cape Town
Galloping Horse 2
Garden Nymph
Garies Mountain Route
Gathering Fire Wood for the Winter
Giants' Parade
Girl in a Red Top
Girl on a Rocking Horse
Girl with a Cat I
Girl with a Cat II
Girl With Balloons
Girl with Balloons 2
Give Me a Revelation
Glorius Africa
God Speaking
Goegap Nature Reserve
Going home, Mozambique
Golden Splendor
Gone Fishing
Gone Home
Good Friends and Open Spaces
Good Time Girls
Grace (print only)
Grace at theTable
Gravel Road near Calvinia
Green Chair
Green Rainbow
Green Valley of the Klein Karoo
Greenbelt Path
Groot Karasberge
Hand Crafted
Harbour scene
Harvest at Dawn
He Leads Me Beside Quiet Waters
Headache - Kopseer
Hear the Leaves
Hear the Music Tulips
Helderberg and Vineyards
Hello Summer Tulips
Hex River Sunrise
Highveld Summer
Hikers’ Trail Near Nature’S Valley
Hiking Trail Eastern Cape
History of Ballet in South Africa - Dulcie Howes
Homage to Turner 1
Homage to Turner 2
Homeward Bound
Hooi Kraal
Houses near Lambert's Bay
I Love You, Darling!
Ice Cubes
Impending Storm
Impressionistic forest
In Awe of Loneliness
In Memory of a Wedding
In the Cool of the Day
In the Shade
Inner Beauty
It is time
Jacaranda Pathway 2
Japanese Bridge
Joep se Boom at Buffelsdrift
Jonkershoek Vineyards, Stellenbosch
Jordan's Golden View
Joyous Expectation
Joyous Moments
Jug of Joy
Kaap Muiden Horses
Kalahai wandering Lightness
Karoo Farm
Karoo Farm Scene
Karoo Landscape with Solitary Aloe
Karoo Memories
Karoo Nostalgia
Karoo Windmill
Kelp Harvesting
Kgalagadi A Wilderness
Koi Pond
Koo Valley viewed from Montagu
La Mandolina - After José Royo
Labourers' Cottages near Macassar
Lady From Emirates
Lady on Beach
Lady with a Basket
Lady with a String of Pearls
Lady with the Blues
Lake Side Fishing, Sedgefield
Land of Beauty and Splendour
Land of Sand
Landscape in Blue
Landscape Loeriesfontein Namaqualand
Landscape Near Malagas
Landscape with Blue Trees ('Pierneef Style')
Landscape with Emerald Sky
Landscape with Leadwood Skeleton
Landscape with Prickly Pears (Pierneef Style)
Lavender Fields
Left but not Forgotten VW 1945 Beetle
Leopard's Waterhole
Let's Take a Walk
Life is a Dam Breeze with White Trees
Life Is a Gift and the Giver Is Good
Light Breaking Makes a Sound
Lilac Roses in Ebony Vase
Lilies of the Field
Lion of Judah
Little Darling
Little Green Apples
Little Litany
Living in Paradise
Lone Bull Quenching its Thirst
Lonely homestead
Lonely Road
Lonely Shore
Lovers on the Bridge, Venice
Madiba's Hope
Magical Garden
Male Impression
Male Impression 2
May I Touch You
Meditating the Dance
Midlands Meander 3
Milk Bush Beach
Misty Morn
Misty Morning in Hout Bay
Misty Morning, Bushveld
Mixed Emotions
Mixed Media Expression 1
Mixed Media Expression 2
Mixed Media Expression 3
Mixed Media Expression 4
Moments in a Day
Moon Cottages
Moon River
Moonlight Reflections with Trees
Morning Glow, Bushveld (Pierneef Style)
Morning Glow, Little Karoo
Morning Light Eerste River Stellenbosch
Morning Prayer
Mountain Road I
Mountain Scene and Stream
Mountain Scene with Rocky Ridges
Mountain Stream with Dead Tree
Mountain View
Moving to a Rhythmic End
Muizenberg Lady
My Happy Place
My Heart Belongs to You
My Heart Your Heart
My Lady ''Lisa''?
Nadine's Garden
Namaqua Daisies
Namaqua Daisies 1
Namaqua Daisies 2
Namaqua Farm Scene near Garies
Namaqua Gold
Namaqua Landscape in Full Bloom
Namaqua Landscape with Clear Sky
Namaqua Panorama
Namaqua Paradise
Namaqua Scene with Quiver Tree
Namaqua Scene with Reed-vlei
Namaqualand 2
Namaqualand Storm
Namaqualand Where Giants Sleep
Namibian Dessert Road
Nasturtiums in a Glass Bottle
Ndebele Abstract
Net-fishermen Displaying their Catch
Nude with Flute
Of Vastness
Oh My
Old Chicago Pump Works
Old Harbour
Old Knoppieslaagte Farmstead
Old Woman Grinding Corn
One Lemon and Granny Smith Apples
Ou Baas
Our Fairest Land
Palette work - Landscape 2
Palette work - landscape 3
Palette work - Landscape1
Palette work - landscape4
Pansy Miniature
Passion Dance (print)
Passion dance 2 (print)
Peace and Beauty
Peace Offering
Peaceful Belonging
Peaceful Stroll in Morning Light (Pierneef Style)
Perfect Afternoon
Petite Bouquet - Irises
Petite Bouquet - Roses
Pink Dresscode
Playing on the Beach
Pniel Street Scene
Poignant Moment
Poised Fantasy
Poppies 1
Poppies in the White Vase
Port Elizabeth Blue gums
Postberg Nature Reserve
Precious layers
Preparing the Soil Wellington
Pretentious Comedy
Protea Affair
Protea Farm
Protea Love
Protective Lover
Punk Boy
Purple Sky
Quiet Night by the Sea
Quiver Tree Overcast Day
Quiver Tree Sunset
Quiver Tree, Sentinel of Namaqualand
Quiver Trees Against the Skyline
Quiver Trees, Goegap Nature Reserve
Quiver Trees, Loeriesfontein
Rainbow Over Hermanus
Reading Time
Red Dress
Red Flowers
Red Gazanias
Red Trees in Calm Water
Red Tulips
Red Winter Forest / Amazing Pathway Series
Reflected Memories
Rest a While
Resting Mountains
Resting Lion Male
Rhymes and Rhythms
Richtersveld Cattle
River Woman
River Stones
Road Through the Vineyards
Roadside Cafe
Rocky Pass
Roses 1
Rossetta Calling
Rozanne's Garden
Rural Cottage
Rural Landscape with Cottages
Rural Scene Eastern Cape
Rural Scene Near Herold
Safely Home in Hout Bay
Salt Pan Cattle
Satin Canyon
Scarlet Surprise near Robertson
Sculpted by Nature
Sea Cottages
Sea Cottages with Boat
Sea Point Rocks
Sea Side Spring RESERVED
Seagulls on the Rocks
Secluded paradise
Self Portrait
Sensual Lady
Sensual Reflections
Sesriem National Park
She Lies Sleeping
Shifting Shadows Brilliant Colours
Silent Symphony
Silver Birches 2011
Sky, Sea and Land
Sleeping Mountains
Slipper Orchid
Slut Kiss Girl
Small Glimpses
Soccer, Muizenberg Beach, W Cape
Social Rebirth
Song of the Wave
South African Rural Charm
South of the vaal
Southern Cape Aloes
Spanish Loveliness
Sparkling Namaqua Daisies
Spent Emotions
Spinning Vinyl
Spirit's Sunset Sail
Splash of Colour Nasturtiums
Spread Like a Fire
Spring Tide
Stand Still
Stay Here with Me
Stellenbosch - Late Autumn
Stellenbosch after an Autumn Shower
Stellenbosch on a Winter’s Day
Still Dancing
Still Life with Pomegranates
Stillness at the Waterhole
Stone Cottage with Mountain View
Storm Brewing, Kassies Bay
Story Teller
Street Scene
Street Scene Greyton
Street Scene Old Cape Town
Streets of Lucerne 2
Study in Pop Art and Expresionism
Study with Trees 1 (series)
Study with Trees 3 (series)
Study with Trees 4 (series)
Study with Trees 5 (series)
Subdued Desire
Subdued Passion
Suddenly Bright Patches of Colour
Summer Bouquet
Summer Oaks, Dorp Street Stellenbosch
Sunny Side Up
Sunset Walk
Sunshine and Grassy Fields
Surfer's Corner, Muizenberg
Swartberg Mountains
Sweet Sweet
Sweetness of Spring
Swellen Dam
Symphony of Memories
Table Mountain
Table Mountain 02
Table Mountain with Resting Red Boat
Take a Walk
Tall Trees Abstract V
Tea Break
Tea on the Terrace
Tea Time
Tea Tray Nasturtiums
Ten Million Stones in Namaqualand
The Banks of the Marne at Chennevières
The Baobab
The Beginning
The Blue House
The Cobbler’s House - Old Cape Town
The Decorator
The Erotic Dream
The Gossip
The Green House
The Green Pool
The Hole
The Karoo
The Kiss
The Lilies of the Veld
The Manor House
The Memories in 60
The Mighty Baobab
The Muse
The Ocean
The Overberg
The Quiet Land
The Rain Queen
The Reaper 2
The Small House
The Stillness of Dawn
The Sun Catcher
The Visitor
The Way
The White House
The White Lilies
The Yellow Guitar
The Yellow House
Thesen Isle
They Dance On
Thirsty Cattle
Time for Sun-downers
Time Shared
To Conform...1 -SOLD
To Conform...2
To Conform...3
Todays Blooms
Top of Table Mountain
Trees at Sunset
Trees on our Farm
Trees Tell a Story
Turmoil Pass
Tuscany Landscape
Two baobabs
Two Hearts One Love
Umbrella Thorn Trees
Universe Travel
Untamed Africa
Untitled landscape RESERVED
Vegetable Gardens, Pniel
Veld, Flowers and Sunshine
Venetian Goddess
Venice, Birds
Verlorenvlei Cottage, West Coast
View from a Window
Village Cottages
Village Stairs
Vineyard Dawn
Vineyards and Farm House Stellenbosch
Vineyards Hex River Valley
Vineyards on Banks of Eerste River Stellenbosch
Vineyards Wellington
Vineyards, Stellenbosch
Walk in the Wind
Walking In The Rain
Warrior Dance
Washerwomen Klein Karoo
Washing Day Heidelberg, Western Cape
Water at the Dam
Water Hole with Fever Trees
Water Lilies 1906 - After Monet
Wellington Farm with Vineyards
Wellington Vineyards
Wendy, The Flower Vendor
West Coast Sunset
Wet Cape Town Traffic #12
Wet Cape Town Traffic #13
Wet Cape Town Traffic #14
Wet Cape Town Traffic #15
Wet Cape Town Traffic #16
Wet Cape Town Traffic #17
When You Lead Me Through Deep Waters
Where my Eagles Fly
Where the River Flows
Where the waves
Whimsical Summer
White in the Park / Amazing Pathway series
Wild Arum Lilies in the Boland
Wild Fields
Wild Grandeur
Wilderness Walk
Winchester Fountain
Window Flowers
Window to the Soul 3
Winter Oak - Church Street Stellenbosch
Winter Oaks, Stellenbosch
Winter Reflections
Winter Reflections Stellenbosch
Winter Street Scene, Stellenbosch
Wish Dress
Wolwedans Dunes Namibia
Woman in Light and Shade
Woman in Poppy Field
Woman with Umbrella
Wonderful Crazy Sea
Woodland 1
Woodland Scene
Worlds Within Wheels
Wrapped in Grey
Wreckage, Skeleton Coast
Yonder Hills Farm
You are the Sun, I am the Moon
You Scream
Young Sunflowers
Zurich sun

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