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Overberg Fynbos Lanscape
A Kleinmond walk about
A World Unknown
Africa My Sweet Home
Africa Praying with Israel
After the Fire 1
After the Fire 2
After the Fire 3
After the Fire 4
After the Fire 5
After the Fire 6
After the Fire 7
All in a Whirlpool
Be(e) Love
Beauty from Ashes
Big Pink Protea 1
Blom waar jy geplant is
Blou blik blompot
Blue Cape
Blushing Bride
Botanical Series: Protea
Bright and Beautiful
Burnt Protea 1
Burnt to Beauty
Cape Protea 1
Cape Protea 2
Cape Proteas
Cape Sugarbird
Crown Petals
Crowns of Your Creation
Double collared sunbird sitting on a pincushion
Double Protea 2019
Dressed for Success
Enamel Cofee Jug Protea(2)
Encroaching Man
Famous King Protea
Famous King Protea
Feeding Cape Sugarbird
Finest Crown (Pincushion flower)
Fire and Ice
Floating Flowers, Flying Snake
Flower For My King
Flower For The King
Flower Seller
Flowers: Proteas
Fog on Table Mountain II
Fynbos 1, Blousuikerbos
Fynbos 10, Erica Obliqua
Fynbos 12, Speldekussing; Grasvoeltj
Fynbos 13, Gladiolus
Fynbos 14, Grasveld Suikerbos
Fynbos 15, Koningsprotea
Fynbos 16, KoningsproteaSuikerbekki
Fynbos 17, Leocadendron
Fynbos 18, Leocadendron
Fynbos 19, Leocadendron Burchellii
Fynbos 20, Lepelsuikerbos
Fynbos 22, Protea Compacta
Fynbos 23, Protea Holosericea
Fynbos 24, Protea Susannae
Fynbos 25, Silwer Suikerbos
Fynbos 26, Skaamblom
Fynbos 28, Waterlily sugarbush
Fynbos 29 Blushing Bride
Fynbos 3, Blushing Bride
Fynbos 30, Blushing Bride
Fynbos 31, Blushing Bride
Fynbos 32, Botrivier Protea
Fynbos 33, Breeblaar Suikerbos
Fynbos 34, Protea Dramamontana
Fynbos 35, Breeblaar Suikerbos
Fynbos 36, Bruin Afrikaner
Fynbos 37, Erica Blenna
Fynbos 38, Giant Protea
Fynbos 39, Protea Caffra
Fynbos 4, Botrivier protea
Fynbos 40, Leacadendron Gydoense
Fynbos 41
Fynbos 42, Leucadendron Foedum
Fynbos 43, Leucadendron
Fynbos 44, Leucadendron Xanthoconus
Fynbos 45, Nerine Sarniesis
Fynbos 46, Protea Aurea
Fynbos 47, Protea Caffra
Fynbos 48, Protea Compacta
Fynbos 49, Protea Compacta
Fynbos 5, Botrivier protea
Fynbos 50, Protea Compacta
Fynbos 52, Protea Compacta
Fynbos 53, Protea Compacta
Fynbos 54, Protea Dracomontana
Fynbos 55, Protea Effusa
Fynbos 56, Protea Eximia
Fynbos 57, Protea Obtusifolia
Fynbos 58, Protea Ordorata
Fynbos 59, Protea Roupelliae
Fynbos 6, Breeblaar Suikerbos
Fynbos 60, Protea Roupelliae/Lepelsu
Fynbos 61, Protea Scolymocephala
Fynbos 62, Protea Susannae
Fynbos 63, Protea Susannae
Fynbos 64, Serruria Florida
Fynbos 65, Breeblaar Suikerbos
Fynbos 66, Giant Protea
Fynbos 67, Protea Eximia
Fynbos 68, Blushing Bride
Fynbos 69, Protea Compacta
Fynbos 7, Breeblaar Suikerbos
Fynbos 70, Protea Compacta
Fynbos 71, Giant Protea
Fynbos 72, Protea Compacta
Fynbos 73, Protea Susannae
Fynbos 74, Leucadendron Album
Fynbos 74, Leucadendron Salignum
Fynbos 75, Protea Caffra
Fynbos 76, Protea Burchellii
Fynbos 77, Giant Protea
Fynbos 78, Blushing Bride
Fynbos 79, Protea Compacta
Fynbos 8, Bruin Afrikaner
Fynbos 80, Eximia
Fynbos 81, Protea Sylvia
Fynbos 82, Protea Compacta
Fynbos 83, Protea Aristata
Fynbos 84, Protea Cynoroides
Fynbos 86, Leocospermum Patersonii
Fynbos 87, Giant Protea
Fynbos 88, Leucadendron
Fynbos 89, Protea Eximia
Fynbos 90, Protea Minor Compton
Fynbos 91, Eastern Ground Sugarbush
Fynbos 92, Spoon-bract Sugarbush
Fynbos 93
Fynbos 94, Protea Compacta
Fynbos 95, Protea Barbigera
Fynbos 96, Giant Protea
Fynbos I Lino
Fynbos II Lino
Fynbos Ink Wash, 'Abundance', Protea
Fynbos Ink Wash, 'Enough', Protea
Fynbos Ink Wash, 'Sufficient', Pincushion
Girl with Sugarbush and Sugarbird
Hands Holding Protea
I want to Flower where You Plant Me
I Will Provide
In Love with the King
Joy 2
Joy 2
King Protea
King Protea
King Protea
King Protea
King Protea
King Protea
King Protea
King Protea
King Protea
King Protea
King Protea
King Protea - Protea Cynaroides
King Protea 2 - 3015
King Protea Landscape
King Protea Study
King Protea Study
King Protea The Great
King Protea Three
King Protea Trio
King Protea Two
King Protea with Lemon sky
King Proteas
King's Crown
King's Protea
Kissed in a Field of White
Lady with Proteas I
Lady with Proteas II
Last of the Giants
Lenteveld (Field in Spring)
Leocadendron 'Blessing'
Leocadendron 'Flow'
Let me Flower, Lord
Liesel (God's Garden)
Made Beautifully
Madiba and Friends
Malachite Sunbird on Pink Ice Protea
Marina Protea
Message in a bottle
Mink Protea
Morning Light
Muizenberg Man I
Muizenberg Queen I
My Country
My Protea
My Secret Garden 1
My Secret Garden 3
On The Slopes
One King Protea, Lace Detail
One King Protea, Lace Detail
One Pink Protea
Open Protea
Open Red Protea
Orange Protea
Orange-breasted sunbird
Overberg landscape
Perfect In Pink
Pienk Protea
Pin cushions Overberg
Pin Protea, National Flower s.A.
Pincushion for Table Mountain
Pincushion on green
Pincushion Proteas
Pink Ice Protea
Pink Ice Protea #2
Pink Ice Protea Hybrid
Pink King Protea, with Detail in Background V
Pink Protea
Pink Protea
Pink Protea
Pink Protea A
Pink Protea B
Pink Protea Boxed in Frame
Pink Protea in Enamel Bowl
Pink Protea in Enamel Coffee Kettle
Pink Protea Vii
Pink Protea,Stensil Detail
Pink Proteas
Pink Proteas
Pink Proteas 2
Pomegranates Behind My Veil
Pretty in Pink 1
Pretty in Pink 2
Pretty in Pink 3
Protea #1
Protea #2
Protea #3
Protea - Green
Protea - King of the Mountain
Protea - Pink
Protea 1
Protea 1
Protea 1
Protea 2
Protea 2
Protea 2
Protea 2
Protea 2
Protea 2/2
Protea 3
Protea 3
Protea 3
Protea 4
Protea and Blue
Protea Arrangement
Protea Bunch
Protea Burst
Protea Caffra
Protea Cynaroides
Protea Giant
Protea Glow 1
Protea Glow 2
Protea Glow 3
Protea Glow 4
Protea in Bottle
Protea in Bottle
Protea in Bowl
Protea in Bowl, Texture Ix
Protea in Bucket
Protea in Glass Jar 2
Protea in Jug
Protea in Jug
Protea in Milkcan Viii
Protea in the Mountains
Protea in Two Stacked Bowls
Protea in Vase
Protea Kings
Protea Lady
Protea monotype, 'Blessed'
Protea monotype, 'Fullness'
Protea monotype, 'Grace'
Protea monotype, 'Provider'
Protea monotype, 'Simplicity'
Protea Nerifolia
Protea on Aged Surface, Crackled
Protea on Aged, Crackled Board
Protea on Aged, Crackled Surface-Board
Protea on Braille
Protea on Glass
Protea on Red
Protea on Table
Protea on Table
Protea on table
Protea Parade
Protea Pen 2017
Protea Pen 2017
Protea Pencil (1) 2019
Protea Pencil 2019
Protea Pink Play
Protea Sa National Flower
Protea Study 2
Protea Suitcase
Protea Sylvia (with Sea-Blue)
Protea Triplets
Protea with lace detail
Protea with Leocadendrons (Sea-Blue)
Protea with Milk Bottle
Protea with Milk bottle2
Protea with Serviette Inlay Detail
Proteas (I)
Proteas (II)
Proteas (III)
Proteas (IV)
Proteas (V)
Proteas (VI) Diptych
Proteas - Black and White Set of 2
Proteas 2
Proteas at Sunset
Proteas en Jan Groentjie
Proteas Forever
Proteas in a Bucket
Proteas in a cup
Proteas in a Vase
Proteas in Bloom
Proteas in bloom
Proteas in Blue Bowl
Proteas in Copper Pot
Proteas in Copper Vase
Proteas in Glass Bottle
Proteas in Milk Bottle
Proteas Mixed 5
Proteas on Wood - set of 3
Proteas VII
Proteas with a Cat
Proudly South African
Proudly South African
Purple Bouquet
Red Energy
Red Protea
Royal Flush
Scorched to Beauty by the Lord
Single Protea
Single Protea
Skaamrosies - Blushing Brides
Sneeu op Matroosberg / Snow on Matroosberg
Softly Indigenous
South African Flowers
South African Protea
Special Protea
Still Life with Protea
Still life with proteas
Study 1 of Protea Caffra
Study 2 of Protea Caffra
Sugar Bush
Sugarbird & Protea
Sugarbird on Protea Vi
Sugarbush (Protea bush)
Sugarbush Protea
Summer Velvet
Table Mountain Fynbos 1
Table Mountain Fynbos 10
Table Mountain Fynbos 2
Table Mountain Fynbos 3
Table Mountain Fynbos 4
Table Mountain Fynbos 6
Table Mountain Fynbos 7
Table Mountain Fynbos 8
Table Mountain Fynbos 9
Tantallon Castle I
Tea Girl
The Crown Jewels
The Gift
The King
The Offering
Three Pink Proteas
Three Proteas
Three Red Proteas
Tin With Pink Proteas
Tin With Pink Proteas
Tthe Impossible Dream?
Twin Protea
Two baobabs
Two Nations
Two Pincushions
Two Proteas
Upright Rectangular Pink Protea, Stencil Detail
Vibrant Protea
White giant protea
White Kings
White Protea
White Protea
White Protea
White Protea
White Protea 2
White Proteas
White Proteas in a Tin
Woman of Strength in heels and pearls

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