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A Hottentot After William Burchell
African Boogie Woogie
Angola Bound 1978 no.1
Angola Bound 1978 no.2
Angola Bound 1978 No.3
Bird in Vineyard
Cape Town 1977 No.1
Cape Town 1977 no.2
Cape Town 1977 no.3
Cape Town 1977 No.4
Cape Town 1977 no.5
Cape Town 1977 No.6
Cape Town 1977 no.7
Cubist Lake 2
Cubist Lake 3
Dark Gulf
Einstein's Garden
Garden with Heart and Star
Helta Skelta
House on the Cliff
Landscape After William Burchell
Landscape with Storm
The Hotel
The Hotel 2
The Morning of a War
Twist and Shout
Urushi Rice Bowl
Women in Rice Field

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