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Backstage - A Study
Ballerina 1
Ballerina 10
Ballerina 12
Ballerina 2
Ballerina 3
Ballerina 4
Ballerina 6
Ballerina 7
Ballerina 8
Ballerina 9
Ballet 3
Before the Curtain Rises
Black Beauty
Blue Flash
Blue Slippers
Bring In The Clowns
Cello Player
Clowning Glory
Cool Blues
Curtain Call
Dance 1
Dance 2
Dance Scape: On his Knees
Dance Scapes Modern Dance
Dance Scapes: Fire Dancer
Dance School 1
Dance School 2
Dance School 3
Dance School 5
Dance-Scape: Seduction
Dance-Scape: Under Her Spell
Dance-Scapes: Ballerina
Date Night
Deond Plays with His Soul on Fire
Dock Door
Dressing for Fashion
Final Curtain
First Performance
Four Ballerinas
I'm a Dancer
If Pigs Could Fly
In the name of fame
l'homme athlétique
La Reina del Flamenco
Lace Up 1
Land of White
Last Call
No, don't go!
Notes of Light, Space and Time
O joy of my ages
O Swear not by the Moon
On Stage
On the shelf
Professor and the Egg
Rapunzel's Chair
Silent Approval
Stage Scapes Opera Diva
Standing Out 1
That Was My Line 10/10
The Music within Me
Theatre Suite I
Theatre Suite II
There are Monkeys in my Garden
Troupe 1
What did you do?
Ye Olde Playhouse

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