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Jaco du Plooy - Summer Vibes | Portrait Art Original Art
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Jaco du Plooy - "Summer Vibes"

"Summer Vibes"

Summer Vibes
Oil on Canvas, US$ 233

Summer Vibes

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Oil on Canvas

W: 760mm x H: 505mm x D: 5mm
W: 30" x H: 20" x D:

Approx. Weight: 0.4kg

This work is unframed


US$ 233


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About "Summer Vibes"

This image of my mother and her friend swimming and enjoying the sun struck me immediately due to all the vibrant colours and challenge it promised with the water. The moment captured in the work reminds of a carefree existance and a simple appreciation for life, all the small things and just soaking up the sun. I used a palette knife for most of this painting and found it to be a great new way of applying paint.

Jaco du Plooy

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About Jaco

Jaco du Plooy

Life is this one big learning curve,never ending and always entertaining.At least that's what I believe,and the same applies to my art.
Naturally my works are the best way for me to let go of emotions and truly express myself,yet it goes beyond that.I believe one should see the beauty in all things in life,however small and insignificant it may seem.It is the noticing of these things which inspires me most often and brings forth that urge to honor it on canvas.
There is no real pattern in my work that I'm aware off or any hints to glorify myself,instead I aim to glorify the man who blessed me with what talent I have and if I can make someone see in my works the simplicity and innocence intended for us all, I have succeeded.
I want my work to develop with me as I grow and learn and invite anyone along for the journey.

Price Range

US$ 82-233



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