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Jeanne Wassenaar - Sustainable | Abstract Art Art Painting
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Jeanne Wassenaar - "Sustainable"


Acrylic on Canvas, US$ 580


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Acrylic on Canvas

W: 830mm x H: 1800mm
W: 33" x H: 71"

This work is unframed


US$ 580


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About "Sustainable"

This abstract forms part of a series of works exploring the age old global roles of women, ie that of mothers, wives and whores. The work is concentrated around the idea that these assigned roles have been integrated into the female phyche, often to the extent where the individual self is lost and fragmented, whether it be by circumstance, culture or choice.

My departure point is the female figure however my work is also about the process of creating an image; a free exchange where the unconcious can react to what my conciousness is perceiving so that the image may emerge as it wants and needs to, tying in with the idea of birth, the ancient miracle of the feminine.

I often use collage of fabrics. Mostly lace, ribbon and netting and layering of the suface to suggest the covering and conceiling that females enjoy to coceal their natural internal truth.

Jeanne Wassenaar

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About Jeanne

Jeanne Wassenaar

Triggered by the ever changing ocean and skies of my current surroundings The C-Series integrates my fascination forgeometric shapes, in this case the cube and rectangle, and explores the notions of weight and weightlessness, solid
and liquid, textures and how we perceive them. On another level the series is also a love story investigating the idea of closeness and distance, intimacy and estrangement.

"My photographs are about an instant that moved me, that subtle unnamed thing touched and revealed. Its not aboutwords or what I see, its the split seconds that say more about me than what I photograph, the discovery of the
unfamiliar in ordinary moments."
Realism is the unknown in her underwater photography and it is here she gets to play as much as she pleases.

My work is also about the process of creating an image. As I transfer my energy onto the canvas, so the image responds and reciprocates, entering into a dialogue with me, a free exchange where the unconscious can react to what my consciousness is perceiving so that the image may emerge as it wants and needs to.

I attempt at all times to remain as receptive as possible to what I see, leaving all preconceptions behind so that the colours, the lines and the shapes take on their own life.

My work is also about the materials I use and their properties and I try to respect them with all the integrity that I have.

Price Range

US$ 99-3,943



2018 Affordable Art Fair Hong Kong
2017 Affordable Art Fair Singapore
2016 Asia Contemporary Art Show
2009 Artexpo, New York, USA
2008 Kizo Art Gallery, Balito, KZN2008 Cultivaria, Paarl; Kizo Heritage Festival, Gateway, KZN; Kizo Balito;Design Indaba, Cape Town; Art from the heart, Artscape, Cape Town; Articles and Frames, Pretoria
2007 Gordon Froud's small works exhibition, Gordon Froud's "Boerekitch" exhibition, KKNK, Oudsthoorn, Pride exhibition, Artscape, Cape Town
2006 "Art from the Heart" Exhibition, Artscape Opera House, Cape Town2006 Art in the Piazza, Lisa King Gallery, Cape Town; Not tonight Josephine,Josephines Mill, Cape Town; Art from the Heart exhibition, Artscape, Cape Town - Branding me exhibition, KKNK, Oudshoorn, VEO Art Fair, Cape Town, Positive, Sun City 2005 members exhibition AVA,2004 -Heritage Square and Strega Ristorante, Cape Town - Members exhibition AVA 2002 - Solo - De Stijl Gallery, Onrus Rivier 2002 - South African Society of Artists annual merit exhibition 2002 - Jennifer Stewart Collection Present - Hout Bay Gallery 2001 - "Objects of Desire" exhibition at artist's studio


Fine Art at Technikon Witwatersrand and Michaelis, UCT

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