The Ghost Towel (Drapery Study 7) The Ghost Towel (Drapery Study 7) Affordable Art 103672
Brandon Lee Ponen - The Ghost Towel (Drapery Study 7) | Still Life Art Painting
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Brandon Lee Ponen - "The Ghost Towel (Drapery Study 7)"

"The Ghost Towel (Drapery Study 7)"

The Ghost Towel (Drapery Study 7)
Pencil, US$ 101

The Ghost Towel (Drapery Study 7)

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Pencil on paper

W: 210mm x H: 296mm
W: 8" x H: 12"

Approx. Weight: 0.1kg

This work is unframed


US$ 101


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Contemporary Art

About "The Ghost Towel (Drapery Study 7)"

Another still life of my towel. It's actually hanging over my fan, chose to leave the fan out though.

Brandon Lee Ponen

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About Brandon Lee

Brandon Lee Ponen

I was born on the 3 October 1990. As a young boy I took an early interest in art, loved drawing from life, objects and sceneries from around where I live which is in Pietermaritzburg. I also was very interested in portraiture. I became better and better with every piece I did, developing my own methods and techniques of creating beautiful pieces of art. Apart from art, I also enjoy playing cricket, soccer, volleyball, pool and tennis. Most of my inspiration comes from my crazy wild imagination and my surroundings. I am however very inspired and influenced by many talented artists . Love deceiving and amazing people with hyper realism. OBSERVATION is the key to a good rendering. Many of my hyper realistic drawings require tedious processes which take many hours to complete. My artistic journey has been incredible. I do hope you enjoy browsing through my art.

Price Range

US$ 53-4,249


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