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Anneri de Wilde - Young Lion | Animals & Wildlife Art Art Painting
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Anneri de Wilde - "Young Lion"

"Young Lion"

Young Lion
Oil on Canvas, US$ 1,464

Young Lion

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Oil on Canvas

W: 600mm x H: 500mm x D: 18mm
W: 24" x H: 20" x D: 1"

This work is unframed


US$ 1,464


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1-young lion

About "Young Lion"

To me, one of God's most amazing designs of nature, is camouflage. It never fails to delight me. I find it incredible that an animal as strikingly beautiful as this lion, can blend in so perfectly with its surroundings. As I watched the lion, he seemed to both emerge and disappear amongst the dry bushvelt grass. To capture this effect, I used a painterly brushstroke and complimentary colours, borrowed from Impressionism.

Besides his size and power, the lion's facial markings is what makes him so exquisitely beautiful. The white strips under his eyes reflects light into his eyes, maximizing the amount of light entering the eye. The eyes also have a special reflective coating that can reflect even moonlight, enhancing its night vision. All this point to purposeful, creative design and planning by a God of infinite wisdom and order. Each feature is created with such beauty and yet are complex and functional. I therefor cannot accept the evolutionary theory that the features and design of this young male lion happened only by chance and necessity.

"The lions roar for their prey and seek their food from God." (Psalm 104:21)

Anneri de Wilde

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About Anneri

Anneri de Wilde

Often, when you spend time in nature, you sense this presence of God.
Nature reveals who God is. An all powerful God, a loving and caring Father.

'Impressions of Creation, Reflections of God', is a series of paintings I am working on, of God's character revealed to me through nature. My heart is, as you reflect on God's glory, may you rejoyce in the knowledge that this all powerful God, loves you, His treasured possesion.

Pslam 19:1
"The heavens declare the glory of God; the skies proclaim the work of his hands."

Price Range

US$ 293-1,464


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