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Lente Haselum - Dislocation & Relocation 2 | Portrait Art Art Painting
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Lente Haselum - "Dislocation & Relocation 2"

"Dislocation & Relocation 2"

Dislocation & Relocation 2
Oil on Canvas, US$ 590

Dislocation & Relocation 2

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Oil on Canvas

W: 450mm x H: 610mm
W: 18" x H: 24"

This work is unframed


US$ 590


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About "Dislocation & Relocation 2"

This artwork is made in conjunction with Dislocation & Relocation and has the same reasoning behind it, but it brings the new issue of how we perceive ourselves to the table. The woman depicted isn't an extremely thin woman, but yet she is so beautiful. It made me realise that we should just be happy with our image, and as confident as the woman in the painting.

Lente Haselum

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About Lente

Lente Haselum

I am a self-taught South African artist who believes in portraying the simple struggles that teenage South Africans struggle to deal with in everyday life. Being a teenager myself, I want to bring about the awareness for the smaller issues that are so often overlooked, teenagers and adults alike must feel enlightened by the messages in my art and by the fact that they not in this world alone, but rather they are with the rest of us who through our struggles are united.

Price Range

US$ 118-1,062


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