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Sonja Grobler

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"Early Morning Drowsiness"
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Early Morning Drowsiness
US$ 1,217

"Alpha Male on Major Mission"
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Alpha Male on Major Mission
US$ 372

"Female Lion With Cubs"
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Female Lion With Cubs
US$ 608

"Scanning the Surrounds"
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Scanning the Surrounds
US$ 602

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Sonja Grobler

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About Sonja

Sonja Grobler

The beauty of nature, whether micro or macro has since a very early part of my life afforded me endless joy. Having always been visually creative, in which ever form, has brought about the culmination of this inspiration whether representational, abstracted or conceptual.

What exhilarates me is the capturing and constant balance of light, shadow and colours. This then resulting in patterns and rhythms which are integral parts of my expressions in art.

Each study, however precious and unique the relationship that I have with this creature or subject, becomes a part of the 'collage'. Maintaining, in general, each subtlety such as a skin fold or a singular hair, even dry grass about to be crushed under foot.

In my creative process I en-deavour to capture the unique atmosphere I experienced while collecting and doing sketches, studies, photos and artifacts, and then to extend my experience to you the art lover.

Price Range

US$ 372-1,217



I was born in Johannesburg were I completed my schooling. After completing my studies at the University of Stellenbosch I returned to Gauteng were I still work.

Subsequently I did courses with,to mention but a few Fabio Baraclough at the University of the Witwatersrand, Nico van Rensburg from the Johannesburg Technicon, Ricky Burnet and Bill Ainslie from the Johannesburg Art Foundation.

My father was an art dealer and art gallery owner. He provided the encouragement that started my painting career at an early age, selling myfirst works at the age of thirteen.

My versatile and distinctive works grace private collections and art galleries in the United States of America, England. Germany, France, Italy, Austria and Russia as well as South Africa.

Having exhibited widely in Gauteng mainly in Johannesburg and the capitol, Pretoria at fifteen different Galleries and venues. I also did the overseas circuit namely Paris and Munich.

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