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Ali Nabavi - "Wine Pot"

"Wine Pot"

Wine Pot
Ceramic, US$ 283

Wine Pot

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W: 13mm x H: 32mm x D: 13mm
W: 1" x H: 1" x D: 1"

Approx. Weight: 0.749kg

This work is unframed


US$ 283


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Wine Pot

About "Wine Pot"

This Wine pot is handmade and Raku fired by Ali.

Faint hand drawn Persian image decorate the extra of the pot. Persian designs rise to the surface of the clay, decorating the spout.

Ali Nabavi

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About Ali

Ali Nabavi

Ali Nabavi was born in April 1987 in Iran.

As a talented child, he had a great interest in art. At the age of five, he began designing with a simple black pencil and over time he experienced various forms of art, including; theater, poetry, literature, drawing, oil painting, sculpting with clay, woodwork, (also wood-turning and mosaic) as well as the use of recycled materials in his artworks. In fact, he used his intuitive talent with any kind of material that would allow him to create art with joy.

With a curious mind, creative passion and an adventurous spirit, he experiments in most fields and forms of art, learning through his explorations. He uses research and independent study to continuously progress and grow. Despite earlier efforts to study in other fields like science, engineering, auto mechanics, as well as the human sciences, it became inevitable that art is his heart's desire.

In 2011 Ali became a member of The Pottery and Ceramics Association of Iran. He then started to work with the Director of the Persian Pottery and Ceramic Board of Iran, Master Artist Hirbod Hemmat-Azad and his wife Rojhaneh Hosseini. In this time Ali worked in the field of sculpture, ceramic, woodworking and iron. With this combination in design and implementation, he became a part of thier professional team. After a year, between all the artworks he had done, he found that sculpturing is his favorite art, he teamed up with artist Behzad Ajdari, President of the Association of Iranian Pottery, and Farzad Faraji, Vice President of the Association of Iranian Ceramists. Finally his training with these two great Masters turned his work into a serious art. He worked more than 12 hours a day for three years in order to become professional in design, concept implementation, modeling and molding.

Price Range

US$ 283-1,699



Iranian Ceramist Association Exhibition: (Title "frame") 2012

Iranian Ceramist Association Exhibition: (Title "lock") 2013

Fajr International Exhibition 2014

Fajr International Exhibition 2015

In South Africa:

CSA Group Exhibition Cape Town, November 2016

Group Exhibition in Cape Town: (Title "what art is for") March 2017

CSA Group Exhibition Cape Town, November 2017

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