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Lize Els

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"St Joseph Lilies"
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St Joseph Lilies
US$ 681

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US$ 1,856

"West Coast"
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West Coast
US$ 619

"Behind Closed Doors"
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Behind Closed Doors
US$ 742

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US$ 557

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US$ 557

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US$ 557

"Arm Lilies"
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Arm Lilies
US$ 619

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US$ 186

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Lize Els

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About Lize

Lize Els

My inspiration came from my mom, Ester Jonck that was an artwork herself! Since I can remember everything she looked at was described as an artwork....and that is how I grew up....looking through the eyes of an artist... seeing everything I look at as a possible artwork....and putting it into perspective of the world we live in.... The beauty of nature and the colour of Gods glorious creation inspire me from day to day....Growing up in the desert of Namakwaland (Aggeneys..between Springbok and Pofadder) and moving to George made me aware of how natures beauty can differ...and how awesome each part of ort country is. When I got married, I lived in the Kalahari desert next to the Botswana boarder near Askham for 11 years. Breathtaking sense of sunsets over the dunes and late afternoon thunderstorms will always inspire me to use vibrant colours in my art. [0xD][0xA]Texture is also an amazing medium to work with. The balance and contrast between texture and colour is the main focus of my art. I like working with painting knives and brushes as it allows me to put the paint on thick and get down some good texture. I also like working with various underpainting colours and textures as it can allow some very interesting effects to come through to the upper layers of paint. Oils are particularly good when working with transparent colours.[0xD][0xA]I am an interior design consultant and therefore love creating an artwork to compliment the area it is created for. The composition of the artwork will be an enhancement to create a unity between art, interior and architecture. [0xD][0xA]I work in any medium and cannot classify my art... It all depends on my mood.... [0xD][0xA]

Price Range

US$ 85-1,856


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