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We're all about great Art...

If you're looking for affordable, quality, original art, you will find here a wealth of talented artists working in a mix of mediums with works available for purchase to suit all budgets. We ship art all over the world and accept all major credit cards.

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You will find the art to be of a very high quality, with a passion and depth that is borne of the rich cultural heritage that is South Africa infused with the trauma of transformation, the love of nature, the optimism of reconciliation - all factors that inform the superb art of the Rainbow Nation. Listen with your heart as these artists tell their story.

We welcome your feedback and comments and hope you enjoy the site, appreciate the art, and most of all find something on these pages that you want to take into your home and hang on your wall!

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Latest Additions

Reproduction of 'When will you Marry'  P Gauguin "Reproduction of 'When will you Marry' P Gauguin"
El Rutman

Acrylic on stretched canvas, US$945

Jacaranda Village "Jacaranda Village"
El Rutman

Acrylic on stretched canvas, US$440

Milkwood Magic "Milkwood Magic"
Eleonore Setterfield

Acrylic on brown paper, US$131

Beach at Haga Haga "Beach at Haga Haga"
Eleonore Setterfield

Acrylic on canvas pad, US$99

The Survivor "The Survivor"

Oil on canvas, US$1,550

Featured Artist

Vernon Swart

Looking for a beautiful realistic male nude? In his typical almost monotone style Vernon Swart shows a young man coyly covering his genitals with joined hands. He contemplates, looking downwards at what we are not sure, set against a backdrop of drapes and classic dramatic lighting. He is lost in his own world and appears to have no desire to engage the viewer. At 290mm  x  420mm the piece is small enough to hang in most spaces and in its tasteful discreetness would not offend even the most sensitive viewer. Male nude 1 is a considerable larger work, where hints of turquoise and blue break into the monochromatic effect. The figure whose face remains in shadow is surrounded by a cloth of white light making the figure appear to have materialised from an angelic realm.

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