Artichoke IV Light Purple Artichoke IV Light Purple Affordable Art 95936
Hermien van der Merwe - Artichoke IV Light Purple | Contemporary Art Art Painting
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Hermien van der Merwe - "Artichoke IV Light Purple"

"Artichoke IV Light Purple"

Artichoke IV Light Purple
Other, US$ 97

Artichoke IV Light Purple

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Linotype on Hahnemuhle Cotton Paper

W: 200mm x H: 200mm
W: 8" x H: 8"

Approx. Weight: 0.5kg

This work is unframed


US$ 97


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About "Artichoke IV Light Purple"

This artwork is part of a 4-piece series on Artichokes. Artichoke I, II, III and IV)
An artichoke is wholesome food. To get to the center of the vegetable, the heart, all the outer leaves need to be torn away.
This symbolize to me a purifying process - to take away things that are unnecessary. God looks at our hearts
The image is carved into Linoleum with wood carving tools. The block is then rolled with printing ink and the image is hand printed on a thick, cotton rich paper. There are 10 editions handmade. I used oil paint to give some of the editions some colour.

Hermien van der Merwe

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About Hermien

Hermien van der Merwe

Since 2008, I have found my inspiration in the indigenous fynbos flora of the Cape biosphere and fynbos flowers form a golden thread through my work.

Fynbos flowers are such understated, beautiful and strong flowers. They are proudly South African as I am also proud to be South African. After all, we humans too have to flower where we are sown and I am deeply rooted in Durbanville.

Fynbos seeds need to be scorched by natural fires from time to time to produce a better flower in the next year. We, as humans, also need to be purified by God's fire, the Holy Spirit to become the person that He intended us to be to flower for Him. To me to flower means to grow to one's full potential, to become beautiful, to be fruitful.

I was again inspired by these beautiful plants at a market in October 2008. One of the stalls had lovely products made from Fynbos flowers, like bath oils, soaps, wall hangings and the most beautiful little angels made almost entirely from dried flowers.

I then decided that it was time for me to paint a series of these amazing flowers.

Fynbos, from time to time, need to die (scorched by fire), to bring forth new life. Us as humans also need to die in ourselves, to bring forth new life.

I often keep my colours subdued to reflect the stillness of my theme. The pale greens in the background of my paintings accentuate the subtle, fragile subject. Lately I have also been using warm reds as background colour. The contrast symbolizes the hardiness versus the fragility of these plants.

I hope you can see, feel and smell with me...

Price Range

US$ 72-767



BPrimEd Stellenbosch University

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