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Lorraine Bezuidenhout

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"The Hopeful Sign"
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The Hopeful Sign
US$ 566

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US$ 557

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US$ 541

"Wonders of the Sea"
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Wonders of the Sea
US$ 201

"Poplar Trees on a Sunny Day"
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Poplar Trees on a Sunny Day
US$ 144

"Autumn Stroll along the Beach"
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Autumn Stroll along the Beach
US$ 143

"Through the Trees"
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Through the Trees
US$ 90

"Starry Night"
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Starry Night
US$ 81

"Sweet Roses"
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Sweet Roses
US$ 56

"Bowl of Roses"
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Bowl of Roses
US$ 163

"Night Peace"
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Night Peace
US$ 74

"Twin Sunflowers"
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Twin Sunflowers
US$ 174

"Simply Red"
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Simply Red
US$ 136

"Tea Roses"
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Tea Roses
US$ 56

"Touches of Gold"
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Touches of Gold
US$ 56

"Pink Delights"
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Pink Delights
US$ 56

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Lorraine Bezuidenhout

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About Lorraine

Lorraine Bezuidenhout

Lorraine Bezuidenhout is well-known for her large dynamic instinctive floral realisms that combine creative gestural application and modelling of the essence of flowers in colour. Bezuidenhout allows the viewer to freely journey around the canvas, enjoying the experience of being in a chosen part of an exhilarating garden or field. Bezuidenhout starts her works intuitively across each canvas creating unexpected brushstrokes of colour that will enhance the outcome of each piece. The artwork then evolves as the fusion between artist and nature deepens encouraged by music.
Viewers of Bezuidenhout's artworks connect with the beauty and colour and feel at liberty to apply their own experiences to the blooms on the canvas.
Bezuidenhout lives and paints full-time in the province of Eastern Cape, South Africa.
Bezuidenhout's work has been collected across South Africa and in Australia, New Zealand, Italy, Germany, Canada and the U.K. and she works to release a new series of artworks each year.

Price Range

US$ 55-592



2019 Love of Art Annual Exhibition
2019 CVD Gallery - Floral Exhibition
2019 Plett Art Festival
2019 Jikeleza Festival - Art Pop-Up
2019 Primary Colors 2019 - L.S.T Exhibition
2019 Botanical 9 - L.S.T Exhibition
2019 Bedford Garden Show
2019 Earth & Sea C.V.D. Exhibition
2020 Plett Virtual Art Festival
2020 Gonubie Annual Art Exhibition
2020 Drostdy Imibala Gallery Exhibition
2020 EL Fine Art Annual Exhibition
2021 Imibala Gallery, Biome of Beauty
2021 Grey Cube Gallery, Botanical Honorable Mention


Self Taught

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