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Gerard Kortenbout - South African Saga | Contemporary Art Art Painting
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Gerard Kortenbout - "South African Saga"

"South African Saga"

South African Saga
Oil on Canvas, US$ 861

South African Saga

Sorry but this work has already been sold. may be willing to undertake a commission.

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Oil on Canvas

W: 830mm x H: 1300mm
W: 33" x H: 51"

This work is unframed


US$ 861 SOLD


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About "South African Saga"

On the first tombstone is the date 1300 that is the time the Bantu moved to southern Africa. (bottom left depiction) The next stone shows 1652 when the Europeans settled on the Southern part of Africa. (bottom right depiction) Both these groups brought wisdom. The symbol for wisdom for the Bantu is the goat, for the European the owl. For the Bantu the owl is the symbol of evil. For the European the goats head is the symbol of evil. The Protea is the National flower of South Africa One open (Past development), One bud just opening, (the new dispensation) Opposite picture, past, business in brick and glass buildings. Present, rickety tables on the sidewalk.
The tombstones turn into books and the books turn the wheel of industry. All leading to South Africa with a heart of Gold.

Gerard Kortenbout

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About Gerard

Gerard Kortenbout

I Have been a Professional Artist for forty-five years. I am married and have a daughter and son and with my wife's support I have made my living out of art, both commercial and fine art. As I was born in the Netherlands and brought to South Africa at the age of Nine years, I have always been very aware of being in Africa. My work is very diverse as my interest ranges from crystals and rock formations to human traditions.
South Africa is a land of contrasts. Bright light, vibrant colour and deep dark shadows plus fauna from tropical forests to desert give the country a unique quality. The people are much the same but the influence of western civilization is changing the land and the people and I want to depict the tribal traditions and the changes while the traditions still exists. My work is now being purchased by the indigenous people of South Africa. I am receiving commissions from local city councils for paintings in their board rooms.

Some of my paintings are hanging in the offices of the Zulu government at Ulundi Purchased on the recommendations of the then Minister of art and Culture.
Private companies owned by African people are hanging my work in their offices.

I am proud to say that one of my works is part of Mr. Nelson
Mandela's collection.

I have developed a course in drawing techniques which is a great help to people who wish to draw or paint. 2.5 hours of short modules showing important points on how to achieve excellent drawing / paintings. available on DVD or Video.
This is approved by the KZN Dept of Education and is used by many schools.

Price Range

US$ 73-2,228



Johannesburg. Pretoria. Durban. Richards Bay. Many joint exhibitions, often to benefit cancer research, childrens aid or other charities. My work is represented in collections in South Africa. Gabon (West Africa) England, Germany, Austria, Holland, France, Italy, Greece, Sweden, Chile, Brazil, USA, Canada, Australia. Those are the ones I know of.


Commercial Artist, studied fine art Wits Tech JHB / Dbn..

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