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Mariette van Velden - "Camino Impressions"

"Camino Impressions"

Camino Impressions
Oil on Canvas, US$ 2,763

Camino Impressions

Sorry but this work has already been sold. may be willing to undertake a commission.

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Oil on Canvas

W: 1800mm x H: 1000mm x D: 44mm
W: 71" x H: 39" x D: 2"

Approx. Weight: 6kg

This work is unframed


US$ 2,763 SOLD


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About "Camino Impressions"

I went walking the Camino during 2010, 700km. One morning, through encapsulating mist, the pathway led into a forest. I was struck by die abundance of life seeming to suddenly magnify. I felt an undeniable presence of the Creator Cod - Father of life. Every yellow orrow at that instance became a repetition of His promise: I am the Way, the Truth and the Life.... and every cross became an emphatic reminder of history's greatest happening. This is how the Crucifixion took on the central focus of my picture, followed by images of the cathedral of St James. Back home, I started painting at once - before the images could fade. I made use of strong contrasts in lighting in order to enhance the heart of the picture. Peregrinos took their places on both sides of the focal point, while the background illustrates a meandering pathway through the bits of histories we had I had a glimpse at. As if guards of honor, statues of saints and other spiritual idols are placed at the sides of the canvas, fading away - they are long gone, in another life. The little excitements of musicians and socializing at cafe bars make up the finer details. Walking the Camino, was a spiritual adventure that brought with it so much meaning to my life. People from all over the globe enriched our journey. This painting is a depiction of the story that imprinted itself in my memory during those epic thirty days.

Print on canvas sizes available. -please ask for quote

Mariette van Velden

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About Mariette

Mariette van Velden

Art is the vocation of my life. Its my therapy. My God-given task. Art is, to me, also a communication process that I use to depict that which is beautiful in the form of messages or emotions. My paintings sometimes tell a story derived from my story-filled youth.

Mariette van Velden is a very versatile, self-taught painter. Her most recent works have a more symbolic nature.

Mariette works mainly on commissions and teaching painting, which includes technical demonstration lessons and outdoor-painting excursions. She also takes part in group exhibitions and has had number of solo exhibitions during the last couple of decades.


Commissions can be very challenging. At times, instructions are given merely via email and I have to create an imaginary picture from the story told. I then correspond with preparatory sketches before I start painting.

An example of such a commission came from a retired officer in the Scottish Regiment who asked for a depiction of A peaceful moment in the Bush War (2009). He wanted himself in the center of the scene and so sent me a photograph of his face. Another such example was a souvenir painting for an American general who returned home after a hunting expedition in Africa. The center point was formed around himself and the hunter and the background was a fictive scene in the Luangwa game reserve.


Mariette has recently taken on more political themes in two separate commissions, each done from documentary journalist photographs:

A disastrous scene of invasion in Palestine. (2009)
South Africa's victorious moment of political democracy in 1994. (2011)


In 1996 Mariette van Velden's Malawi was published, joined by the establishment of the (still growing and active) Titandizane Trust, as a fund-raising initiative for suffering aids orphans and widows in Malawi. The book contains scenes of (the now diminishing) rural Malawi and it's people, accompanied by a poetic text in English, Afrikaans and Chichewa.


Mariette's spiritual paintings have a more personal and symbolic approach:
To portray on canvas a spiritual experience or an interpretation from God's Word, is to me an opportunity to communicate what I find meaningful in life. Being a Christian believer brings forth a richness, almost another dimension of life I have to share these blessings.


Painting portraits remains a challenge, yet Mariette has often received requests to paint loved ones who have passed.
I'm very fond of Rembrandt van Rijns portraits; he is my painter- role model.


Mariette has various hotel-and office commissions to her name. These are usually bound by a cohering theme. Such projects include a large series of wildlife scenes for two hotels in Lilongwe, Malawi (1988 -1989) and various spiritual works for a company in the Western Cape (current).


Glaeser Conradie:

As a professional hunter and wildlife enthusiast I was very fortunate to cross paths with Mariette van Velden several years ago. Her vast knowledge and personal exposure to Africa and its enchanting ambiance had a direct influence on her portrayal of the continent's richness and beauty. Since 2002 Mariette has created African Wildlife masterpieces for my clients, mostly from the United States of America. One of my clients has more than 16 of Mariette's paintings which covers most of his office wall space in the Pentagon. He has been hunting with me for more than a decade and will not leave Africa without one of Mariette's visions of Africa.

Nicolaas Koornhof:

Sy het die vermoe om die werlikheid in n kunswerk te omskep en daarmee die verlede te laat herleef in n nuwe gedaante . Om na Madiba te kyk op die balkon van die stadsaal in Kaapstad 21 jaar later in haar skildery lyk na n 'celebration' wat dit inderdaad was, maar vir baie wat mag sou afstaan tog onsekerheid gebring het.

Israel lyk bra skuldig in die skildery van die plat gebomde Palestynse Veiligheidshoofkwartier en die aangrensende tronk waarin gevangenis en oorlewendes met woede uit die puin triomfantlik wegstap net soos n toneel uit die Franse Rewolusie!

Om Michelangelo, Rembrandt en DaVinci se Mona Lisa in een enkele skildery op n moderne manier vas te vang wys op haar prettige sin vir die kuns wat ander verstom daarna laat staar.
nkoornhof at parliament
We are honored and proud to have Mariette van Velden listed on She handled many commissions for us very professionally and gave clients exactly wat they wanted. No request was too difficult and were completed and shipped on time to delighted customers. Marina.Eilers at

Prints are available in the size chosen of the following: Camino impressions, Victory, Waterfront, "Nogtans sal ek Jubel"

Price Range

US$ 93-4,420



Exhibiting from time to time in the Breytenbach centre in Wellington South Africa or at different wine estates in the Western Cape.

Bellville, Stellenbosch, Potchefstroom, Lilongwe, Blantyre yearly exhibitions in Malawi for diplomats and contract workers.
Mariette will consider an offer on the previous year's work.


Teacher's diploma

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