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Lola Di Paolo Dunston - City Limits | Contemporary Art Fine Art
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Lola Di Paolo Dunston - "City Limits"

"City Limits"

City Limits
Mixed Media, US$ 456

City Limits

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Mixed Media

W: 800mm x H: 510mm
W: 31" x H: 20"

Approx. Weight: 6kg

This work is framed (but can be supplied either framed or unframed)


US$ 456


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Lola Di Paolo Dunston

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About Lola Di Paolo

Lola Di Paolo Dunston

If I could analyze my work, I would say:
The emotions triggers the thought
The thought triggers the image (The phrase or the sound)
It is an instant reaction.

It may be because:
1 The picture itself is worthless, and has nothing to give
2 You may be looking for something in the picture that was never intended to be there.
3 Your particular mood of the moment may prevent you seeing a picture that may speak to you later
4 The psychological type of the artist may be so far removed from you own personality that you may never enter into communication with any of his works.
5 You may unconsciously resent a picture in which you do not understand the style, particularly if the style is new to you.
6 You may dislike the subject matter, rejecting it quickly on that basis without going further.
7 Or you may be tone deaf to painting in general, be interested in other things and never feel the need of painting at all.

Born in Rome in 1921. Lives and works in Hermanus. Studied art at Rome Academia Belle Arti, London Heathery School of Art. She has worked in metal, clay, oils, pastels, silkscreen, printers ink and paper cut outs. Her work has been represented in the Musee Picardie in France, Cultural Art Museum in Pretoria, National Gallery in Cape Town, Art Museum in Pretoria, the University of Pretoria and The Pieterberg Collection.
Her work has been recorded in The Dictionary of South African Painters and Sculptors, Intellectual Profiles Cambridge. This information has been recorded in the following publications: International Directory of Art, Artlook, Dizionario dei Pittori, Incisori e Scultori, Ferrara Italy, Contemporary Personalities, Movement Artistici, The World's who's who of Women, International Directory who's who of intellectuals, Cambridge England, Intellectual Register of Profiles, The American Biographical Institute Publication, Five Thousand Personalities of the World and by the same Institute in their International Book of Honour . She appears in The Dictionary of South African Painters and Sculptors. The National library of Poetry USA 1993 -1995 and the National Library of Poetry Best Poems 1996 and 1997.
Art Association Membership Association des Arts Cannes, The Society of Graphic Artists, Greater London Art Association, Academy de Lutece Paris, Committee Member SA Association of Arts Northern Transvaal Branch 1975-1990. Also member of Academia Nicola Greece and Board Member of the Association of arts in Pretoria.
Elected Fellow - International Biographical Association Cambridge (England) 1980
Travelled extensively in America and Europe
Poetry Author of following: Far Faraway with illustrations by the Author 1973 (Awarded Gold Medal for Foreign Poetry by Academy De Lutece 1973). Yonder 1977*, Echoes 1980*, Then and Now 1997*(Translated in Italian, won 1st prize for Italian Poems Unisa in 2000) Selected poems 2002*. Award for Poetry International Soc. Of Poets (USA) 2003. Included in the International whos Who in Poetry 2007 (allotted 1st page).Historical Young Pretoria 1975*. Novels Events have tears published In England 1993. (*illustrations by author)
Music Full music score and story for 2 acts Ballet Eros & Psyche 1978. Some of her work was played By the Johannesburg Promenade Orchestra conducted by Dr Solly Aranowsky

Price Range

US$ 84-1,367



Won many awards for black and white graphics in Cannes, Rome, London, Paris, Hamburg, Nice, Pretoria, Johannesburg, Cape Town, Durban, Windhoek

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