"Dita ll" after Marilyn Manson Affordable Art 61828
Jean-Luc Boulanger - "Dita ll" after Marilyn Manson | Contemporary Art World Art
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Jean-Luc Boulanger - ""Dita ll" after Marilyn Manson"


"Dita ll" after Marilyn Manson
Mixed Media, US$ 94

"Dita ll" after Marilyn Manson

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Mixed Media

W: 295mm x H: 420mm
W: 12" x H: 17"

This work is unframed


US$ 94


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About ""Dita ll" after Marilyn Manson"

After completing the first "Dita" I became more interested in capturing her well known and very popular Burlesque image. The painting does not need to be sided to the first but is a continuation in my effort to capture her image and emotion from a close ("Dita") and a far ("Dita ll")

Jean-Luc Boulanger

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About Jean-Luc

Jean-Luc Boulanger

Being only 18 and currently on my gap year, I do not have the pleasure of calling myself experienced in art or in many other things. But as I learn to find my footing in the art world, so am I developing an image and a theme throughout my work. Primarily my art focuses on capturing or evoking emotions in the viewer, I am beginning to find my ground and my niche. My art is out of pure enjoyment and a want (or need) to capture something as large and fierce as human emotion on something as perishable and understated as paper. I hope to be studying fine art in the very near future. Enjoy!

Price Range

US$ 74-136



Various school functions



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