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Haim Menashehoff - Einstein | Contemporary Art
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Haim Menashehoff - "Einstein"


Oil on Canvas, US$ 387


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Oil on Canvas

W: 500mm x H: 750mm
W: 20" x H: 30"

This work is unframed


US$ 387


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Haim Menashehoff

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About Haim

Haim Menashehoff

Haim will be painting the largest painting soon: Size Of 2 Rugby Fields. This will be cut up to 10,000 pieces and sold for charity and needs to be sold in 6 months.

GENESIS chapter 1 verse 27 [0x1]and GOD created man in his own image[0x1]

A professor from Hebrew University proved the First Chapter of Genesis to be the work of GOD. Upon this discovery
[0x1]BIBLE CODES[0x1] was written.

Prof Tony Nader (MD PhD.) has discovered that there is a perfect image of the whole universe in every DNA of every human being, (Sun, 9 planets, 12 Zodiac signs & 27 clusters of galaxies.)

Each Human Being is a Whole Universe
Each Human Being is a Picture of God

We live in a very fortunate & unique time. Now we have possibilities to develop our full potentials.

Price Range

US$ 283-1,418


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