Eternity - from Earth towards Heavens Eternity - from Earth towards Heavens Affordable Art 21706
Abe Parker - Eternity - from Earth towards Heavens | Spiritual Art Original Art
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Abe Parker - "Eternity - from Earth towards Heavens"

"Eternity - from Earth towards Heavens"

Eternity - from Earth towards Heavens
Mixed Media, US$ 219

Eternity - from Earth towards Heavens

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Mixed Media

W: 350mm x H: 500mm
W: 14" x H: 20"

Approx. Weight: 0.3kg

This work is unframed


US$ 219


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About "Eternity - from Earth towards Heavens"

"From Earth to Heaven" - ETERNITY

The Painting "From Earth to Heaven" tells about sufferings in this world, out of which the souls get cleansed and blossom. Blue souls-ships on this painting should go through rocks of suffering, so that the spiritual flames would be ignited in them.

Blue rocks of our worldly existence represent our problems, difficulties, our daily routine-chores, that sometimes create a veil between us and the World of Divine Light. But if these souls-boats manage to escape and to go through these cliffs – towards the Divine Light, then they themselves becomes Pillar of Light thad been ascended to Heavens.

Abe Parker

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About Abe

Abe Parker

I am representing of abstract, healing and spiritual artwork of M.Skrebtsova

Price Range

US$ 93-875


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