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Herman van Bon - Flying Sea Cows | Seascapes World Art
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Herman van Bon - "Flying Sea Cows"

"Flying Sea Cows"

Flying Sea Cows
Photograph, US$ 94

Flying Sea Cows

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High quality semi gloss archival museum paper (312gsm)

W: 400mm x H: 300mm x D: 2mm
W: 16" x H: 12" x D:

Approx. Weight: 0.3kg

This work is unframed


US$ 94


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About "Flying Sea Cows"

The Sea Cow is a sculpture of sculptor/painter Ulrich Riek from Napier, South Africa. When Ulrich came to me and asked if I 'can do something with it' I looked to the shape and that's why I got the association with dolphins jumping over the waves. Hence this work.

There will only be a limited edition of this print numbered from 1 to 10. There won't be any more prints.

Herman van Bon

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About Herman

Herman van Bon

Born between the dykes and below water level in the Dutch village of Beneden-Leeuwen in 1951 Herman van Bon grew into a career in (photo-)journalism.
In 2000 he and his wife Yvonne de Wit (jewellery designer) moved to South Africa where they, in Robertson, restored and extended a historical succulent garden to an outdoor collection of more than 2500 different species and varieties from around the world. In 2011 they sold their garden and moved for a sabbatical to Stanford where Herman got acquainted with digital photography. In July 2014 his selfie and some Overberg landscapes were on view in Times Square in New York. There is a growing interest in his images and imaginaries in the USA and Europe; partly due to the fact that he has existing relationships from his previous career. Only since recently he has started to market his work in South Africa. His first official (and very successful) exhibition was 1 and 2 October of this year during the Baardskeerdersbos Art Route. For 2017 several exhibitions within South Africa are scheduled. Since April of this year Herman van Bon and his wife live in Napier.

Herman van Bon pictures mainly landscapes and sometimes transforms these into imaginaries. Recently he is also engaged in Haiku Photography.
"I've kept my childhood fantasy letting me meander to places off the beaten track and challenging myself to transform these into imaginaries".
Shooting a picture is not as time consuming as the processing of it. Herman van Bon works with a wide array of software to achieve his desired end result. He creates his own textures and developed a technique of colour- and B&W reduction. The YouTube 'The Meta Selfie (rough cut)' provides some insight in his workflow (Google: 'Youtube meta selfie').
His landscapes however hardly need any processing; in-camera settings and being at the right time at the right place.

Some reviews:

"Wat T.T. Cloete in sy gedig se[0xCC82] is waar: 'die aarde is deur een dichter gemaak'. Mensen soos Herman van Bon het die gare om dit dmv fotografie vast te le .... Dankie!" - Awie van Wyk
"The Hieronymous Bosch of the digital era". - Lizia Nieman (RIP), L'Art Niemaclature
"Absolute fantastic". - Hettie Saaiman
"In the Eye of the Beholder of Herman van Bon is a surprising and lovely image from South Africa" - Review of groups exhibition in LAC Los Angeles in LA-Times
"Herman van Bon has an amazing eye for capturing beauty". - Kamalini Govender in Tales and Dreams (USA)

Price Range

US$ 94-805



Not many. Depending on the conditions of the gallery. Most of the time my answer is "NO".

24 July 2014 Selfie on times Square New York
December 2015 / January 2016 Part of groups exhibition in Los Angeles Centre of Art (LAC).
October 2016: Baardskeerdersbos Art Gallery (exhibition extended)

2017 (date to be set): Breytenbach Gallery in Wellington, South Africa.



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