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Hannes van der Walt - Full Circle | Contemporary Art Fine Art
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Hannes van der Walt - "Full Circle"

"Full Circle"

Full Circle
Oil on Canvas, US$ 333

Full Circle

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Oil on Canvas
Oil on Stretched Canvas

W: 500mm x H: 500mm x D: 18mm
W: 20" x H: 20" x D: 1"

Approx. Weight: 0.5kg

This work is unframed


US$ 333


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About "Full Circle"

SS Thomas T. Tucker
27 November 1942

This painting depicts part of a ship wreckage on a rock strewn beach. It is based on a photo taken at Cape Point by my daughter Sanet, during a recent family outing.
The first thought that came to me as I studied the photo, was of its origin and its fate. Then the circular opening , which was probably the remnant of a port hole, gave rise to the idea that this object had travelled a "full circle".
Its existance probably started when a few tonnes of iron ore were extracted from the earth by some mining company. Its initial journey was to a foundry where the ore was melted down and poured into a casting-machine, where it was either cast or rolled into iron plates of the required thickness.
Its next journey probably took it to a ship-building company, where the iron plates were cut to the required size and then welded or botted together to forma particular section of a new ship.
The completed ship was the delivered to its new owers, who needed it for transporting cargoor passengers from continent to continent.
Its journeys probably took it through stormy and fair weather for many years.
One night, during a raging storm and bad visibility, the unfortunate end came as the ship was blown on-shore where it stranded on the rocks at Cape Point.
For the next thirty or fifty years the wreckage of what was once a respectable sea faring ship, was then relentlessly broken down by the elements. The salty water and huge waves of many storms caused the rusty frame to break into bits and pieces that were eventually pushed far out onto the beach.
The particular piece of wreckage in this painting will slowly be absorbed by the earth from where it was taken. It may yet take many years, but it is in the process of completing "full circle"

Hannes van der Walt

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About Hannes

Hannes van der Walt

Hannes van der Walt was born in Springs in 1939. Since his early childhood days he has had a love for drawing and working in colour. During his high school days he took private art classes with Mr Frans Prins, a local teacher and artist, who introduced him to the basics of oil painting. After his Matric year he took art classes with the famous artist Brian Nash. Here a delicate awareness for keener observation and study of detail was awakened in him. At the age of 24 Hannes had his first solo exhibition in the Springs library hall.

Hannes retired in 1997 to apply himself full time to painting. Hannes is an artist, who loves the scenery around Stellenbosch and the Boland. He is inspired by the rich colours during flowering season in Namaqualand, the wide open spaces of the Karroo and the interesting coast line of the Western and Southern Cape.

Hannes's paintings appeal to each person's inner appreciation for the beauty of nature, but also calls to mind the inconceivable wonder of God's creation. His work can be found in various local galleries and in many private collections in South Africa, Australia, America, Britain, Ireland, The Netherlands, Belgium, Canada, Germany, France, New Zealand,South Korea, Hungary and Scotland

Price Range

US$ 90-1,663



Permanent Exhibition at home in Stellenbosch.

2014 27 February Group exhibition ART at Blaauwklippen in Wine Centre hosted by Marius Prinsloo
2012 09 June - 28 July Group Exhibition with other artists of the Arts Association Stellenbosch at the Sasol Art Museum, Stellenbosch
2011 September 07 - 22 Group Exhibition with other artists of the Arts Association Stellenbosch at PJ Olivier Centre
2010 Group Exhibition Stellenbosch Art Gallery
2009 Group exhibition Stellenbosch Art Gallery
2009 Group exhibition Orange Cactus Life Style Interiors
2008 Group exhibition Stellenbosch Art Gallery
2007 Group exhibition Stellenbosch Art Gallery
2006 Group exhibition Stellenbosch Art Gallery
2006 Group fund raising exhibition Eikestad Primary School, Stellenbosch
2006 Group fund raising exhibition for the Student Ministry of St Paul's Evangelical Church, Stellenbosch.
2006 Group exhibition Strand Beach Hotel
2005 Group exhibition Stellenbosch Art Gallery
2005 Group fund raising exhibition for the Student Ministry of St Paul's Evangelical Church, Stellenbosch.
2005 Group exhibition Art and Wine Gallery on Main, Clarens
2004 Group exhibition Stellenbosch Art Gallery
2004 Group exhibition Christo Pretorius Art Gallery, Stellenbosch
2003 Group exhibition Stellenbosch Art Gallery
2002 Group exhibition Stellenbosch Art Gallery
2002 Annual Flower and Garden Show in Seattle, USA.
1997 First successful solo Stellenbosch.
1988 Solo exhibition Caledon Museum
1987 Group exhibition Edrich Art Gallery Stellenbosch
1963 First solo exhibition Springs library hall.
1958 First group exhibition Springs library hall.


B.A. Degree in Fine Art (1967) at University of Pretoria

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