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Animals & African Wildlife Art

8545 Works

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Gallery > By Subject > Animals & Wildlife Art

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"Palomino Horse"
View Large Image Oil:  W: 600mm x  H: 520mm x  D: 20mm

Palomino Horse
by Leon Roux
US$ 179

"Half Ellie"
View Large Image Acrylic:  W: 300mm x  H: 560mm

Half Ellie
by Liezelle Haussmann
US$ 556

"The Seagull - 1"
View Large Image Photograph:  W: 427mm x  H: 1000mm x  D: 2mm

The Seagull - 1
by Sue Basler
US$ 185

"373 2010 Arabian"
View Large Image Oil:  W: 560mm x  H: 460mm x  D: 20mm

373 2010 Arabian
by Michael Costello
US$ 1,852

"Look Out"
View Large Image Oil:  W: 500mm x  H: 1050mm x  D: 35mm

Look Out
by Colleen Lonie
US$ 284

"Resting Penguins"
View Large Image Print:  W: 600mm x  H: 420mm x  D: 0mm

Resting Penguins
by Lauren Geldenhuys
US$ 185

View Large Image Watercolor:  W: 210mm x  H: 148mm x  D: 0mm

by Gary Streak
US$ 75

"Shepherd's Dog"
View Large Image Pencil:  W: 230mm x  H: 280mm x  D: 20mm

Shepherd's Dog
by Jan J.B. du Toit
US$ 53

"Dead Heat"
View Large Image Pastel:  W: 420mm x  H: 580mm x  D: 2mm

Dead Heat
by Caryn Fisher
US$ 1,050

View Large Image Digital:  W: 500mm x  H: 400mm x  D: 2mm

by Ricky and Maristha Smitsdorff
US$ 66

"Forces of Nature"
View Large Image Print:  W: 760mm x  H: 660mm

Forces of Nature
by Linda Lemon
US$ 249

"Leopard (2 of Big 5)"
View Large Image Pencil:  W: 150mm x  H: 210mm

Leopard (2 of Big 5)
by Apjatr
US$ 77

View Large Image Charcoal:  W: 594mm x  H: 420mm x  D: 1mm

by David Creighton
US$ 370

"Devoted Cheetahs"
View Large Image Oil on Canvas:  W: 1000mm x  H: 500mm x  D: 45mm

Devoted Cheetahs
by Lauren K
US$ 741

"Two for a Penny"
View Large Image Acrylic on Canvas:  W: 505mm x  H: 405mm x  D: 20mm

Two for a Penny
by Arlene McDade
US$ 309

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